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There will be price limits for basic food items. Orban’s pre-election strategy? –

From February 1, Victor Orban decided that the prices of some food items would remain stable. This is another decision by the Hungarian Prime Minister in recent weeks aimed at curbing the rise in prices caused by recorded inflation.

From February 1, the prices of certain items in Hungary – flour, milk, sugar, oil, pork legs and chicken breast – will be limited and will not be allowed above October 15 last year. “This is how every store should be,” said Prime Minister Orban.

The decision was announced by the head of the Hungarian government in a post on Facebook. In it, he stressed that the government had already cut interest rates on loans in October and that citizens were paying lower utility bills with government funds.

Hungary faces higher inflation – up from 7.4% in November. Orban said prices were rising across Europe and that their increase was due to rising energy prices. Their freeze, according to the Hungarian Prime Minister, was “to protect Hungarian families”.

Meanwhile, parliamentary elections are set to take place in Hungary in four months, and for the first time in 12 years the united opposition has a chance to win against the ruling party, Fitzgerald.

Urban’s pre-election strategy

Parliamentary elections are scheduled for April 3. poll The Nézőpont studio, which opened in early January, indicates that Orban’s team can be trusted 50 percent. Support, the coalition of opposition parties received 43 percent support. Community.

However, at the end of December poll The Republican opposition won a landslide victory with 36 percent of the vote. For Fidesz against 33 percent.

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In November, Orban announced a freeze on fuel prices for three months, after which it could not exceed 480 forints (approximately PLN 6) per liter. It was then decided to suspend the interest on the mortgage for six months.

In addition, the Hungarian Prime Minister decided, among other things, about an increase in the public sector, raising pensions or the minimum wage.

It advertises its policy – as we wrote in yesterday – in emails sent to Hungary and others. Initially, they intended to disseminate information about the vaccine against Govt-19, and the approval to receive such an email was voluntary.

However, the national media reported on the content of the wage increase, tax cuts, reintroduction of the 13th pension, increase in pensions, income tax exemption for those under 25, tax breaks for families and other news. State subsidies.

On the same day as the election, a vote on the controversial so-called “anti-LGBT” child protection law will take place. This was made possible by a change in the rules – in November last year, the possibility of holding a referendum and election on the same day was voted on, which, according to Fidesz, would help cut costs.

However, experts insist that thanks to this maneuver, the ruling party could use the referendum as part of its campaign. The head of the Prime Minister’s Office said the government wanted to persuade voters to vote against the “LGBT campaign”.