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There's a new reference in sushi in Lisbon

There's a new reference in sushi in Lisbon

The Sushi Bar at Praia no Parque has 12 seats. The Omakase menu costs €75 and is only open Monday to Friday between 12:30pm and 4pm.

Japanese flavors have returned to Praia no Parque by Chef Paulo Alves, and one thing's guaranteed: Sushi Bar is Lisbon's newest sushi reference. This is not an exaggeration, it is proof of the work and quality that Paulo Alves and Gonzalo Cabral, his right-hand man, do with the seasonal products with the Atlantico brand.

After Kabuki left Lisbon, where he earned a Michelin star, Paulo Alves took on the challenge of revitalizing the Praia no Parque bar. The new Japanese pub opened in March of this year, but Paulo Alves and Gonzalo Cabral got an early start. “We started work in February. It was also a matter of adapting to the space,” the chef says, noting that this month of adaptation helped create menus and “see what we could work with here.” They realize that the biggest challenge is getting creative with the space they have.

Sushi Bar offers its customers an Omakase menu that has three versions: classic, creative and vegetarian. The menu takes us on a journey of flavors in seven moments that linger on your palate.

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