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"There's a side of me that shatters, there's a side of helplessness..."

“There’s a side of me that shatters, there’s a side of helplessness…”

On Wednesday, May 11, Pedro Barroso’s interview with his mother, Anna, was broadcast on SIC’s “Júlia”. Among the various topics, the actor recalled the difficult period he lived in battling drug addiction.

Pedro Barroso has revealed that he lived a turbulent period of his life. A few years ago, the actor had to fight drug addiction, specifically cocaine.

The actor gave an interview to his mother, Anna, and asked her to explain how she viewed the actor during this difficult period: “It’s a hard time, for all parents, for the family, but sometimes I imagine my arms are out. You don’t have arms to help, to pull… There’s a side of me that breaks, there’s a side of impotence, of not wanting to think. But at the same time there’s A better side is faith in life and giving up is rarely an option for anything. I was sad for you.”explains.

The actor’s mother reveals that she was always by his side and was not ashamed of her son: “I don’t know anyone who hasn’t hit the world once in their life, nor cried, but I never accepted that you gave up. The rest I can tell you so I wasn’t ashamed, I was ashamed if I was a moron or a thief or a criminal. The world is full of people who don’t have Excuses for what they are. And in your case and in the case of the people I’ve lost. I’ve lost people dear to me, but for you, I didn’t want to accept that you gave up on anything. I am so grateful that you had that inner strength to move forward.“.

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In 2018, Pedro Barroso began five months of treatment to combat addiction, when he was recording the TV series “A Herdeira”: “Your role and all the people around us at that time were obviously very important to me, to make me feel normal, to make me feel that it is a common place for so many people. And that it is possible to overcome itHe explained to his mother.

The actor reveals that the family union was important to getting through this moment: “This work of yours, this union of yours was so important. There are people whom I cannot forget, and they were also responsible to my will. While I was given 21 days to be there and come back and record the project, he left. My choice was to stay, and I could leave whenever I wanted, And I wanted to stay for 5 months. It was very difficult to go through the treatment and go out every day to record, with the intensity of what the project was and recording so many hours a day.”

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