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There's a version with an 'error' that could cost you more than €6,000 – Executive Summary

There's a version with an 'error' that could cost you more than €6,000 – Executive Summary

Euro coins, despite being in circulation for a couple of decades, can become a real treasure for coin lovers. The dream of any coin collector is due, on some occasions, to the age of the piece, which achieves a premium status also because it is limited or commemorative editions of some relevant event, or finally, due to errors that ultimately inflate the value. . Its value.

In the latter case, there are many examples: one of these holds a coin worth one euro cent, a currency whose use has been suspended in some EU countries due to its low value.

There are many one-cent coins worth thousands of euros. One of them, according to El Español, was designed by German architect Rolf Lederbogen. In this particular case, most of them were unreleased, which means that at some auctions up to 50 thousand euros were paid for some copies.

But there are other cases: In Italy, an error occurred in the minting of a one-cent coin, with a smooth edge, 16.25 mm in diameter and 1.67 mm thick, and weighing 2.30 grams.

As a common fact between all these currencies, on the one hand they contain the same elements (the number 1 and the map of Europe). On the other hand, a representative element from each Eurozone member state.

But this coin in question was “truncated”: it was supposed to bear an image of Castel del Monte, in Puglia. However, the picture he was carrying was that of the Mole Antonelliana, in Turin. In other words, the image of the two-cent coin is placed on the one-cent coin.

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Once this confusion was discovered in 2002 (the year the euro was introduced), it was quickly withdrawn from circulation. But despite this, it is estimated that there are about a hundred pieces that could be on offer on the coin market. For some of them, at some auctions, up to 6 thousand euros were paid.

Despite the rarity of the issue, if you want to look through your collection for that rare piece, remember that you should consult a numismatic specialist for any coin that gives you the feeling of being the “jackpot.” .