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Therese Annunelli: Love comes in many forms

Therese Annunelli: Love comes in many forms

beauty effects Therese Annelli (36) She became famous when she was in the first season of “Paradise Hotel”.

Since then, she has worked as a permanent makeup artist for host Triana Iglesias (39) while recording the show.

She is also a makeup artist on the fashion website MinMote.

And on the recording of “Hotel Paradise” she met her boyfriend Julie Ahlberg Oyan (34 years old). The two have a daughter together, Aanonli previously told look and listen About the process of having children.

– We are ok

Now, however, the two have opted to continue the relationship as friends. Anonli writes on Instagram.

“Life is so strange, so unpredictable, so frightening, but at the same time so beautiful. Life is a lesson and often about choosing. Tough choices. But we all deserve an eldorado, and love comes in many forms. Friendship is also love. Thank you so much for all the love our way, Julie and I are lucky,” she writes.

Mother’s role: Triana Iglesias revealed that she became a mother earlier this year and is now opening up about the role of mother. Reporter: Kine Falch Video: Madeleine Liereng.

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To see and hear, she confirms that the two are no longer lovers.

– We are very good friends. Nothing’s happened recently, but we’re fine. She says its good that we are friends, then everything is going fine.

See and Hear has also been in contact with Julie Aahlberg Øyan. She does not want to comment on the case.

Parents of young children

The two cohabited for two years before they had a daughter. Then they went to Denmark to get help getting pregnant through a sperm donor. Then they chose Anonle to bear the daughter.

Se og Hør has previously told that she fears prejudice against her daughter, who has two mothers instead of a mother and father.

– A typical question we get is “Who is the father”. We were ready for it, and it’s going well. But Nelly does not have a father, she has a donor. She said at the time that the father’s role.

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