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These 2 Euro coins are worth thousands and can be in your wallet

These 2 Euro coins are worth thousands and can be in your wallet

In 2021, the Central Bank of Lithuania issued a series of 2 euro coins in honor of the Zuventas Nature Reserve. 500,000 coins were issued, but a production problem resulted in the 500 containing errors.

This unfortunate accident made them desperately search for items by collectors – coins and rare items – and those who found out that they owned these rare pieces did not want to miss the opportunity to exchange two Euros for hundreds or thousands.

According to the Spanish newspaper “The Economista”, citing information from the portal “Colleccionistas de Monedas”, some coins, instead of including the caption “God bless Latvia”, display the inscription “Freedom, Unity, Well-being”.

This site reports that the error in the production of these €500 coins priced at €2 has made many collectors interested in acquiring them, and some sellers of these rare coins are selling them at prices far in excess of their official financial value. On this page on the Internet, some Lithuanian coins will be sold for two thousand euros.

The site officials say that “at the moment we do not know sufficient purchase values, but selling prices,” and that it is now necessary to find out if collectors are willing to spend that money for an item that is, in essence, a rarity.

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