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These are the October premieres of the Netflix movie and series

These are the October premieres of the Netflix movie and series

There is no point in being under any illusions as the heat is already rare and ready to bid us farewell. It is already cold and with it the desire to have a warm jacket, a jacket and shoes more suitable for the season. Of course, Netflix always comes in handy with this whole scenario.

In this sense, we leave today the movies and series that will premiere on Netflix in October.

For this month starting now, there are many new features on Netflix. These first offers are announced by netflix portugalHowever, there may be others not mentioned here.

Day 1 - Seinfeld

"About Nothing Series" is a sitcom landmark, in which comedian Jerry and his three grumbling friends find the funny side of the absurd mundane.

This popular and entertaining series will premiere on Netflix on its first day.


Day One - Maid

While escaping from an abusive relationship, a young mother becomes a domestic worker and struggles to make ends meet for her daughter in hopes of a better future.

The Netflix original series begins October 1st.


Dia 1 - Rich Forever

A famous rapper loses control when an insulting video goes viral and drags him into a fight for dignity during a long night.

This original film is also scheduled to be released on October 1.

forever rich

Day 1 - Comet

During a hectic day filled with revelations and decisions, a depressed detective tries to rescue a desperate woman.

You can catch this Netflix movie early next Friday, October 1st.


Day 1 - Diana: The Musical

The enchanting and tragic life of Princess Diana unfolds on stage in this original musical, which was recorded prior to her official Broadway debut.

This movie will also be shown on the 1st of next month.

Diana: the musical

Day 6 - Is someone home

Makani and his friends from Osborne High School try to identify and stop a masked killer who's attacking students at the school and revealing their deepest secrets.

This movie starts on October 6th.

Is there someone in your house

Day 13 - Safety distance

The close relationship between two small nations, one passing through the region and the other local, reveals an impending ecological disaster and a spiritual crisis.

The 13th is the time when you will be able to watch this Netflix original movie.

safety distance

Dia 15 - You T3

He is dangerously obsessed and charming, going to extremes to get into the lives of those who charm him. Women can get involved without realizing it, and it may be too late.

The third season of this series will be shown on October 15th.

You are

20 Dia - Teeth of the Night

A young driver is in the service of two mysterious women on a tumultuous night. He did not realize that he had more to fear than the dangers of the road.

This Netflix movie will become available on the 20th of next month.

night teeth

21 Dia - Insiders

Twelve people think they are in the final stage of choosing for a reality show. However, it was actually filmed in secret, with 100,000 euros at stake.

The first season will premiere on October 21.


Dia 22 - Lock and Key T2

In this supernatural series with Emilia Jones and Conor Jessup, the Luke brothers open the door to magic, mystery and danger.

You can watch the second season of this Netflix series on October 22nd.

lock and key

Day 29 - Army of Thieves

In the prequel to "Army of the Dead," a mysterious woman recruits a bank employee to steal impenetrable safes across Europe.

This Netflix movie is scheduled to be released on October 29th.

thieves army

Will you watch any of these first things on Netflix?

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