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These are the perfect heaters to combat that cold snap – Indica

These are the perfect heaters to combat that cold snap – Indica

These are smart appliances that use technology to enhance efficiency and save energy

We declare war on the cold that insists on not leaving. Air conditioning in your home is essential these days, and having a smart heater can make this task much easier, both in terms of efficiency and energy saving. These proposals use technology for just that…that feeling of warmth indoors, when winter insists on walking outside

Xiaomi Mi Space Heater S
The Xiaomi device is a smart electric heater with up to 2200W, making it ideal for instant heating of spaces up to 46 square metres. You can control it remotely using your smartphone, so when you get home you already have the desired environment. You can also set a specific temperature that automatically turns on and off as needed to warm the room.

This smart heater can be controlled remotely using your smartphone
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Secotec Ready Warm 2070
The oscillating motion distributes the heat wave throughout the room you place it in. It is very efficient in a 20 square meter room and the timer can be programmed for 24 hours and also has a remote control.

The oscillating motion distributes heat throughout the room you place it in
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It is a low consumption heater, with oscillating action and is ideal, for example for a children's room. It is compatible with voice assistants and you can also program it remotely so that it starts heating the desired room at the right time. The mobile application allows you to manage usage and monitor consumption.

Adjustable power allows you to save your electricity bill
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Xiaomi Smart Tower Heater Lite
Heats up in just 3 seconds. The NTC temperature sensor and built-in thermostat automatically reduce power consumption as you approach the target temperature, keeping your home warmer while saving energy at the same time. It has a power of 2000 watts and the swinging action ensures an angle of 70 degrees.

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The mobile app controls the entire operation of this Xiaomi tower
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