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Seelöwin am 28.11.2019 im Berliner Zoo. (Quelle. imago images/Olaf Wagner)

These corona rules come into force in Berlin from today

FFP2 is mandatory instead of 2G

These corona rules will take effect in Berlin on Friday

Image: Imego Images / Olaf Wagner

From Friday, customers who have not been vaccinated against corona will be able to shop in Berlin stores and businesses again. Other areas of public life are also relaxed. However: instead of 2G, FFP2 duty applies.

Starting this Friday, the new corona rules will take effect in Berlin. Among other things, the Berlin Senate decided at its meeting on Tuesday to remove the 2G rule on retail. That is, unvaccinated customers can re-shop in stores in Berlin and outside of daily necessities.

However, from this Friday, FFP2 masks will be mandatory in stores. Unlike employees, the medical mask is not enough for clients.

Galleries, Zoos, Libraries

The 2G rule will be abolished in other areas as well. Museums, galleries, monuments and the Berlin Zoo include the Fisheries, Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Of the last three features, the FFP2 mask requirement applies only to enclosed rooms, not outdoors.

Most new rules also apply to libraries and archives. Giffey described bookstores and libraries as “similar situations”, which is why the FFP2 mask requirement applies. However, the 3G rule must be used in libraries with reading rooms and archives.

Giffey: Omigron has peaked – or passed

The new relaxation also applies to tourism offers. Instead of 2G, 3G will be available for future city tourism and boat trips. Accessible to anyone who has been vaccinated, recovered or tested on a daily basis. FFP2 mask mandatory on all buses and ships. The same conditions apply to public transport as on buses and trains.

The ruling mayor, Francesca Kifi, justified the easing by saying the Omigron wave had already reached or reached its peak. The number of hospital admissions is expected to peak soon and then decline.

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