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These decisions are made by me::

These decisions are made by me::

The market in Saudi Arabia is showing no signs of slowing down, and now, it is preparing to receive Liverpool midfielders Fabinho and Jordan Henderson, who confirmed that Jurgen Klopp himself, the coach of the Reds.

“In fact, there is nothing to say. As long as things are not really decided, there is no need to talk about them. There will come a time when we may have to talk about it, but not now », the German coach began by saying, when asked about Henderson’s absence from the team’s training camp, at the end of the friendly victory over Karlsruher, for 2-4.

“I don’t know if anything has been decided, and it’s nothing to say at the moment. But it’s better for you because you can speculate, and it’s more fun! If you say something, it’s over,” he added, joking about the situation.

After that, Klopp ended up confirming the departure of Fabinho and Jordan Henderson, admitting that it was his decision: “In the end, all these decisions are taken by me. Because I respect the players so much, it is usually with their consent. That’s what happened in these cases and everything is fine.”

Jordan Henderson, captain of Liverpool, will join the agreement, as he will be coached by Stephen Gerrard, in a deal estimated by the international press at about 15 million euros, while Fabinho will join the union, coached by Portuguese Nuno Espirito Santo, for about 40 million euros.