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These four films have just arrived on Netflix and are already winning critical acclaim

These four films have just arrived on Netflix and are already winning critical acclaim

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Netflix received another batch of excellent films that did not leave critics indifferent! Original or older, cross-sectional quality.

in the last days, Netflix It provided subscribers with four films of undeniable quality. Proof of this are the great reviews given by the ever-demanding critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Each of these productions stands out for its quality, captivating viewers with engaging narratives and high-quality performances.

With very different themes, ranging from intense dramas to suspenseful plots, they have in common a tremendous quality, a status that is reflected in the extremely positive reviews from critics. The diversity of these productions reinforces Netflix's commitment to providing a comprehensive range of entertainment, as it always strives to satisfy a wide range of tastes.

This almost simultaneous release of critically acclaimed productions – the originals and some already a few years old – demonstrates Netflix's ambition to continue delivering high-quality content, cementing its position as a leader in the streaming world.

Snow Community – 90%

The story takes us back to 1972, when Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 was transporting a rugby team to Chile when it crashed into a glacier in the Andes. Only 29 of the 45 passengers survived, and they found themselves in one of the harshest environments in the world and had to take extreme measures to survive. The film – based on a true story – is written by Juan Antonio Bayona He has names like Enzo Vugrincic, Augustin Bardella or Matthias remembers It is currently the most watched on the streaming platform worldwide.

Heroes beyond orbit – 90%

The sci-fi adventure series “Galaxy Quest” takes place aboard the intergalactic spacecraft NSEA Protector. Eighteen years after the series' cancellation, actors Jason Nesmith, Gwen DeMarco, Sir Alexander Dane, Tommy Webber, and Fred Kwan (with Jay Fligman) have appeared dressed up at sci-fi conventions and electronics store openings.

Cast members are Wallow In desperation they throw themselves at each other until the arrival of aliens known as the Thermians who, having confused the series with reality and, thus, shaped their entire culture around it, take them into outer space to rescue them from the genocidal warlord General Sarris.

The Karate Kid – Moment of Truth – 89%

It's one of Netflix's latest “acquisitions.” Daniel LaRusso She has just moved from New Jersey to Reseda, California (a neighborhood in Los Angeles) and is having a hard time adjusting to life in the new city. He was promised a swimming pool and a nice house, but when he got there, it was no fun at all. He meets a beautiful blonde girl, but then runs into a group of girls Bullies That makes your life hell. This makes Daniel lose heart even more…he just wants to go home.

He is constantly bullied and afraid to show his face in high school. Then meet the guide/guide Mr. MiyagiWho takes the naive Daniel under his wing and shows him that karate and life are not just about strength and power. It is something deep in the soul that makes us who we are. Daniel will face the biggest challenge of his life. Win and you can rejoice forever knowing you defeated the bullies. loses? They will never let you forget.

Beautiful regret – 77%

Mark was comfortable in the shadow of her husband, Oliver. However, with the sudden death of what is most important to him, his world collapses. He then leaves for Paris, accompanied by those closest to him, Sophie and Thomas, to embark on a revealing journey that will confront truths that are necessary, but difficult to accept. It's one of Netflix's highlights of January.

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