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These zodiac signs have a special ability to lie at work – human resources

These zodiac signs have a special ability to lie at work – human resources

here they are:

Gemini and Virgo

Mercury is the planet of communication, reason and thinking.

It makes the signs ruled by Gemini and Virgo carry the energy of exchanges, communication with people, study, analysis, communication, and sales. Therefore, they are two signs that contain a lot of talk.

In this way, natives with these signs in the Sun or Ascendant have the mental ability to notice facts and compose stories.

Furthermore, they argue and think based on human behavior, which makes it easier for them to lie and also makes stories credible.

Taurus and Libra

Venus is the planet that represents beauty, art, love and money. Taurus and Libra, the signs he rules, bring the archetype of beauty, vanity, love, lust, money and achievement. Hence, there are two signs that, when faced with something that tests their ego, will lie so that their image is never “tarnished”.

Both Taurus and Libra in the Sun and Rising bring the individual the need for pleasure and can cause a person to become overspent. In this scenario, with the aim of getting what they want without feeling guilty, these natives may lie for their own personal fulfillment.


Neptune is a planet made of gas. It represents everything that is invisible to the eye, whether good or bad, such as viruses, pollutants, the power of nature, intuition and energy. It is the ruling planet of Pisces, a sign that brings about a changeable nature.

They tend to be dreamy people, with a lot of imagination, and always looking for something beyond. They have the ability to tell stories in a fun but very compelling way. Therefore, they can end up lying and manipulating people, because their magical talents end up poisoning their listeners.

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