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“They are doing a terrible analysis of the match.”

“They are doing a terrible analysis of the match.”

Francisco ValleThe former 'Big Brother 2023' contestant left a harsh swipe at the commentators of the TVI reality show.

“With all due respect to the production and whoever chooses the commentators… I'm being honest I don't understand how some of them in every edition (they are always the same) do terrible analysis of the game and each competitor and yet they are constantly called upon to comment on the next editions“, he began writing in the InstaStory published in the early hours of Friday (15).

I don't know if it's a matter of us being the country of wedges or if it's simply easier to call them the same but it makes me sad. I always expect the best from TVI, it is the channel that has given me so much and I have always loved it. I'd rather see Marcia or Andre (who are people I don't identify with) commenting on what they're thinking and analyzing rather than seeing the same people always whose only goal is to show up through the hatred they always show against the same rivals but those who are friends here abroad are always right And they are distinguished…“, he added.

“It should be noted that there are actually commentators who give me hope that this will improve and this is just a phase Zee Lopez doesn't need to spread hate to be seen and can still be neutral. Congratulations,” concluded Jessica Galhovas’ friend.

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Francisco Val throws himself at the Big Brother commentators: "They do a terrible analysis of the match"
Francisco Valle throws himself at the Big Brother commentators: “They give a terrible analysis of the game”