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"They mistreat and humiliate others..."

“They mistreat and humiliate others…”

Luciana Abreu and Emmanuel are back on the streets of Portugal in SIC’s Domingao truck.

At the end of the program on Sunday, October 17, Luciana Abreu wanted to leave a mysterious message that many understand as a “mouth”: “Really big people, they know they are young and that is why they want to grow and develop. On the other hand, small people think they know everything and then abuse and insult others. We will not harass anyone or make gratuitous comedy to harass and belittle our colleagues. and belittle them” – He starts saying.

“Yes, let’s make people laugh and smile with love, passion and a lot of hope and faith. Together we are one and we fight for the same ideal” – finish.

Apparently, the words were directed at Joana Marques, who was making lower quality comments on ‘Very unpleasant’ About the works of some public figures: like Robin Roy, for example.

Joanna Márquez has already reacted to this moment and wondered, ironically: Who will this message be for? Puns with big/small and pointing to comedy take me in a direction but…this part of fighting for the same ideals left me in doubt. 🤔 Could the bulldozer be on TVI? “.

Watch the current video:

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