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They ran out of the mud wave at the last minute!  Shocking video from Turkey [WIDEO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

They ran out of the mud wave at the last minute! Shocking video from Turkey [WIDEO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

It took a few seconds, a tragedy could happen. Residents of one of the houses in the Turkish province of Rice have saved themselves from the waves of water and mud for the last time. If they had stayed in the building for a while, they would not have survived. The destructive element immediately destroyed their home and all of their possessions. The whole situation was posted on a chilling record network.

They fled the landslide at the last minute

The Turkish Black Sea coast has been hit by heavy rains for days, causing catastrophic floods and landslides. As a result of the landslide, at least 6 people have died so far and two more are still wanted by the services. Rescue and evacuation of residents from flood-prone areas is ongoing at all times.

In one province of Turkey, Rice, a landslide flattened buildings. Thousands of consumers have been cut off from electricity. Cars were also flooded. A confusing video has appeared on the web showing residents of one of the houses rushing to escape at the last minute. After a few minutes, a wave of water and mud spreads over their 4 storey house. Security cameras captured everything.

Be careful, the picture is only for those with strong nerves!

Catastrophic floods in Turkey

The status of the recording took place on July 14 at 20:00. In total, 9 people were evicted from the house destroyed by the elements. The film shows the other two rushing to escape the destructive elements.

The disaster recovery operation in Turkey is still ongoing. In the rubble of one of the houses, firefighters found the body of a 75-year-old woman. According to media reports, in the village of Asmalirmak A local officer died when he drowned in a stream in the area.

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The President of Turkey must recognize the flood-affected areas as disaster areas. The Ministers of Environment and Transport also announced their full support for the victims of the catastrophic organ. 5 million Turkish lira, or about 2.3 million slots, are to be set aside for financial assistance.

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