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They tried to veto this ad for the Toyota GR Yaris in Australia

Toyota has not had much luck in Australia when it comes to advertising results. After Australia banned advertising the new Toyota GR Yaris last January, the Japanese company has come under another attack. They tried to veto this ad for the Toyota GR Yaris in Australia, A TV spot subject to another ban attempt, but, for now, was able to avoid it.

Propa: Toyota GR Yaris

Toyota GR Yaris’ latest announcement for the Australian market is lucky to skip the veto. Apparently, the manufacturer has received complaints about this Video Encouraged drivers to do these kinds of maneuvers on public roads. As you can see in the video that explains these lines, Spot shows a native app born from the world of mobilizing ground skating with a local pilot. Harry Bates In controls. In the last seconds of the ad, the car is shown leaving a dirt road and coming together on the road.

They tried to veto this ad for the Toyota GR Yaris in Australia

Car expert In Spain, a complaint was lodged with the local ‘Advertising Standards Community Group’, an organization similar to AutoControl. The complaint alleges that “driving this type of vehicle did not create myths, but the dead.” Toyota was quick to respond to complaints that the ad did not violate any industry codes.

“The ad shows that ordinary Toyota cars are operated safely and in compliance with all road regulations,” Toyota explains. “Toyota confirms that the vehicles were driven Within the legal speed limit and were meticulously monitored at all times During the shooting. It is clear that the Toyota Casu Racing driver is involved in motorsport activities. Therefore, he takes the necessary safety precautions such as wearing a helmet and seat belt and maintains total control of the vehicle at all times ”.

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Australia’s independent advertising regulator has ruled that off-road driving scenes are not unsafe. This result came when an ad came out two months ago Toyota GR Yaris In the southern country. This place is a G.R. The Yaris was shown exiting a garage, which was “unsafe driving.” Do not miss the video.

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