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“They use networks as trash for their emotional trash.”

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wLáudio Ramos’ day was less positive this Tuesday, August 8, and he used social networks to share a photo of himself taken during the broadcast of “Dois às Dez,” the TVI morning show he presents alongside Maria Botelho Moniz, and Reflection, in which he talks about “ignorant keyboard”who send offensive messages.

“It’s been a bad day. I have them too and it’s not scarce. Those who follow me don’t have to know, they don’t have to take my bitter tastes. With my frustrations!”began writing the presenter.

“When someone from that side writes a comment or sends me a non-trivial message, they don’t know what they’re going to find here or what they might trigger. People attack on social media just because they want a stage, and this should be punished. Severely punished. Not just profiles.” Fake it. Make no mistake! People with families, friends, and jobs also use networks as trash for their emotional trash.”He continued, saying that these people feel “Important because someone will listen to the opinion they give here but they won’t have the courage to show it to their face, because they are cowards. These people on the net express their opinions without fear or shame.”

Finally, the presenter asserts that Portugal cannot control this issue and is still watching it “platform” which is given to “ignorant keyboard”who fills them “average ego”.

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