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They were eating a breaded sandwich in Barcelos and were surprised with a glass of sparkling wine

They were eating a breaded sandwich in Barcelos and were surprised with a glass of sparkling wine

Businessman Jorge Falcao Bojas, known as Jorginho, today surprised a couple who were eating a breaded sandwich next to the car with two glasses of sparkling wine, in the heart of the historic center of Barcelos.

“Today, the first of every year, this was the view we saw from Tasco, in the middle of the afternoon today. A couple enjoying a good meal. It could be my uncles, my grandparents, my cousins ​​or my close friends. It could be me. Relaxed and relaxed.” And huddled, in the corner, sharing their moments “Diogo and I set off on our way, representing the house, to toast them with a glass of sparkling wine,” explains Jorge Falcao Bojas, director of the Turismo restaurant, in a post on social media.

The couple came from Santo Tirso to watch the Battle of the Flowers at the Festa das Cruz festival.

“Amazed, they thanked us for our kindness. They had a smile on their faces and I think they will share it with them for the next few months. As I would like to. We may never meet them again, but I also believe that even if they don’t meet us anymore, they will not forget us,” he says. An attractive tourism partner.

Jorginho often makes fun videos for social media This promises to go viral. Within an hour, it had already received more than 1,500 “likes” on Facebook.

“It could be anywhere in the world… but it is in Barcelos! Tourism is our name. Barcelos thanks you… and so does the world!”, concluded the businessman.

tourism restaurant, One of the best hotels in Barcelos on Tripadvisor. Recommended in the Michelin Guide, with 4.5 stars (more than 600 reviews), it has been visited by many well-known faces from the region and the country, since its opening, on Rua Duques de Bragança, near the main church of the city. , in a community that also includes Carlitos, former footballer of Gil Vicente and Benfica, a member.

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