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"They're making a side game and making ugly campaigns"

“They’re making a side game and making ugly campaigns”

On the way to the final of this edition of Big Brother Famosos, the celebration began on Sunday, April 17th, of the deliverance of Daniel Kennedy who, as a result of this outcome, secures his place in the grand finale of the reality show.

After the Easter bunnies came to bring gifts to the already known finalists, Daniel Kennedy was thrilled with his son’s gift – a bracelet with special meaning – and received praise from commentators Flávio Furtado and Marta Gil in the studio.

Following the actress’s opinion, Flávio Furtado took the opportunity to highlight the qualities he hopes to see in the winner of this release: “In this Big Brother, I’d like to see someone who wins modestly, and has played fairly, both inside and out. Because in Lent there are people who don’t eat meat because it’s a sin, but then they do other things that are more sinful, like the campaigns we’ve seen all this week of certain families against other rivals“.

In this sense, the commentator left a message for families who campaigned against other competitors: “There are families who criticize commentators a lot because they give an opinion or because they say they like it more. But then they come to social media to do the same or worse, it’s ugly! When this is over, they will all be fine. And if they don’t, at least they pretend. And having families out there making a Big Brother side, side game and doing ugly things, ugly campaigns against others as we’ve seen all week is very little“.

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