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Thiago Monteiro returns to Portugal after five days in Russia

Thiago Monteiro returns to Portugal after five days in Russia

Respiratory infection of bacterial origin kept Montero from the last test of the World Touring Car Championship

Thiago Monteiro arrived in Portugal on Wednesday after being hospitalized for five days in a Russian hospital, where he treated the bacterial pneumonia that prevented him from his last World Touring Car Championship (WTCR) test.

In a statement, the pilot’s press office reported that Thiago Monteiro “positively developed into the treatments” during his five days in hospital in a Russian hospital, a country that saw, on Sunday, in Sochi, the last WTCR race taking place.

“Thanks to the efforts of many people and entities, it was possible to ensure that the Honda pilot was returned to Portugal on a special medical plane that would ensure the continuation of treatment during the flight, as well as ensure the medical stability required in this type of illness and travel,” the memo details.

Arriving in Portugal, “Tiago Monteiro immediately went to a hospital in Porto, where he will continue the treatment that began in Russia, but is now close to home and family.”

A respiratory infection of bacterial origin kept Montero from the latest test of the World Touring Car Championship, after the driver from Porto felt “general malaise early in the morning” on Saturday and was taken to the medical center from the circuit before then. He is being “transferred to the local hospital for medical examinations”, where a “respiratory bacterial infection” was detected.

“After five days in a hospital in Russia, for which I must thank for helping me fight this disease, it was a great relief to return to Portugal. It was not an easy task, because my health did not allow me to travel on a normal commercial flight. The need for continued care Medical complicates everything,” revealed the Portuguese pilot, referenced in the note, before thanking everyone who helped with the flight home.

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