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This app will revolutionize the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

This app will revolutionize the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the most successful foldable smartphone today. It’s the latest version of this clamshell model, launched by Samsung, and one of the standout features is its secondary screen.

This allows you to quickly access features such as music, weather, calendar, alarm, recorder, or stopwatch. But as XDA-Developers points out, there may be more customization involved.

CoverScreen OS is the app that brings the secondary screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 to life

In this sense, XDA programmer “jagan2” has developed an application capable of revolutionizing the secondary display of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, and it promises to revolutionize the use of smartphones across the board.

This app is called CoverScreen OS, and it brings several additional features to the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s secondary display. This way you can open apps, including playing games like Fruit Ninja, and turn features like flashlight on or off.

One of the most interesting parts of CoverScreen OS is also the ability to reply to messages through the secondary screen. This response can be made through the voice being converted into text.

How to install this app on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3:

  • Download CoverScreen OS from Google Play Store
  • Bixby configuration (required for fingerprint unlock to launch apps on the secondary screen)
  • Set the side key to turn on Bixby by long pressing (in Settings > Advanced Features > Side key and tap “Wake Bixby” under Long Press)
  • Launch CoverScreen OS and sign in with your Google account
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to grant access permissions
  • Press the toggle button in the upper right corner of the application to access Ensure access to notifications and activate CoverScreen OS
  • Fold your Galaxy Z Fold 3 and you will see CoverScreen OS Welcome Notice
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You should keep in mind that this app is in an early stage of development, and you may encounter some bugs.

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