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Cristina Esteves, Telejornal Rtp, General Garcia Dos Santos

“This can’t be like this”

Due to the death of Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho, “Telejornal”, on RTP1, on Sunday, July 25, had a live presence of General García dos Santos.

“Telejornal”, from RTP1, this Sunday, July 25, invited General García dos Santos for a short interview, because The death of Otilo Saraiva de Carvalho.

‘Telejornal’ hub Cristina Estevez announced the presence of General Garcia dos Santos, via video call, but it didn’t go well. “Sorry, but I didn’t get the questionAfter that, the journalist from RTP asked a few questions, but there were flaws in the sound and the person in charge of the broadcast plan on April 25 showed his displeasure live on air.

It’s too bad to happen, is that I’m simultaneously listening with my intervention, with what I said minutes ago, and that’s a big mess, man!‘, he shot General Garcia dos Santos.

Christina Esteves maintained her composure and immediately responded:Are you having any difficulties hearing me now then? Let’s hope the situation is normalized…I suppose it already is. Please continue to reason about Othello

Wait a minute please… I’m listening to my recorded voice, in sync with what I’m saying, that’s too badThe general added.

“A year, we will get back in touch with you again”, guarantee the “Telejornal” hub. after five minutes, Christina Esteves He returned to direct speech with the guest, but flaws continued to appear. “Listen, I’m already listening to what I’m saying. This can not be! My voice cannot be recorded and broadcast while I’m talking!General García dos Santos stated, visibly upset by the situation. Direct contact with the general was immediately cut off and Cristina Esteves apologized for what had happened.

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