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This company wants to electrify its fleet and has switched from a Tesla tram to a BYD tram

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The Chinese attack could effectively hurt European manufacturers. But not only. Apparently, you can even touch the (almost) untouchable world leader in terms of trams: this taxi company decided to replace Tesla with BYD.

Jakarta-based Indonesia's largest taxi operator, Blue Bird, has confirmed that it will change its fleet and acquire hundreds of tram units. The goal is to ensure that 80% of its cars are emissions-free.

For this, Blue Bird has agreed with the Chinese manufacturer, BYD, to deliver most of the units intended for the transformation that the company wants to carry out.

Blue Bird Taxi in Bali, Indonesia

Interestingly, this agreement with BYD Reformulation will entail Another radical occurred with Tesla last year. Apparently, the low cost associated with the BYD tram stimulated the Blue Bird to switch from America to the Chinese.

According to the CEO of Blue Bird, Seagate Priwan DjokoswetonoBYD trams are also more suitable for the Indonesian market.

If the price is too high, it will be unreasonable for us to charge customers, so we have to take that into consideration. We use many imported BYD models because the price is right for us to operate in Indonesia.

A few days ago, we saw that the results of global sales of electric vehicles left a clear message for Europe. However, despite still being a leader in this sector, Tesla of America will not always be untouchable.

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