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“This could lead to imprisonment, and this is a scam.”

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Victor Hugo Cardinale, the owner of Portugal's most famous circus, gave an interview to this week's Nova Gente magazine.

Victor Hugo Cardinale He talked about the complaint he filed against him Isabella Cardinale [ex-concorrente da “Casa dos Segredos 7”] And mother Mirren:Please know that the only thing we have in common is our surname. It's a family name. She and her mother are my very distant cousins. Isabella's father and mother are Cardinale, but there are many Cardinale, the family is hugeHe explained.

It turns out that my name is registered, my circus name is patented, and they use it now. So I filed a complaint and the case is in court“, revealed. Victor Hugo Cardinale explained that Mirren and Isabella “They were from Atlas and Chain Circus“But this circus is over.

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Why did you decide to use my name? Here it is, because they know it's selling out, and the other circuses didn't do so well… but I had nothing to do with it! But as Cardinale is known, they decided to name the circus Merryn Cardinale“, he added.

I am waiting for the court ruling because my name is registered. Because it's that simple, anyone can start a circus in my name and say they're part of my group, and that's what they did. They want to gain fame in their name“, he's hot.

“They are selling tickets to their circus, and they have sold them to several companies, pretending to be us, as part of our group, which is not true. But these are ignorant people, because if they knew what they were doing they would realize it.” This can lead to imprisonment, this is a scam. What is the need to deceive people? I've never fooled anyone, that's why I'm where I am now. Now they say they are Cardinal, but they haven't done anything to promote the name. It's because it gives them status“, he concluded.

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