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This Democrat creates trouble for Biden - VG

This Democrat creates trouble for Biden – VG

Conservative: Mansion represents West Virginia, the conservative state that voted for Trump. He is also the most right-wing senator in the Democratic Party, according to experts. Photo: Joshua Roberts / Reuters

According to experts, conservative Democrat Joe Mansheen will be the tongue in the Joe Biden policy trick. But they stress that the president should be careful about the “whip” swaying.

Joe Mansheen from West Virginia is the most powerful man in the Senate. There’s no doubt about it, says American expert and former SV politician Kjetil Raknes to VG.

Receives support from senior researcher Hilmar Mjelde at NORCE:

– Mansheen is really out of line for the rest of the party. He would have been almost a Republican.

On Wednesday of this week, Joe Mansheen, 73, said he refused to vote to remove or weaken the so-called “procrastination” rule, a rule the Biden administration has expressed its desire to do something about, according to Washington Post.

That would remove the 60-vote requirement to halt debate on a bill in the Senate. In practice, only 50 votes are required to pass a law, but a law cannot be passed until the debate is over. Well, it’s hard to pass a bill without backing 60 votes.

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What can President Biden do to pressure Manchine?

Everything from pushing him to being complimented. But we often see that this does not work, because US parties are decentralized. There is no central leadership that can shake the whip. McGeldy maintains that Mansion only corresponds to West Virginia home voters.

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Meanwhile, the senior researcher says it could be dangerous to put pressure on senators. Refers to Senator Jim Giffords in 2001 He resigned from the Republican Party after President Bush tried to block the goods as punishmentBush lost the majority in the Senate.

Until the mid-term elections in 2022, Joe Mansin will be the most powerful person in the Senate, Raknes continues.

Get the solutions: US researcher and expert Hilmar McGeldy says President Biden doesn’t have much to push Joe Mansheen into the party line. Photo: UiB

Manchine says no to change the law

Due to the “toxic” environment of US policy, removing the stall rule in Basem has been discussed The best solution for Joe Biden to override his policies.

Joe Mansheen in a comment posted in Washington PostHe stated that such a change in the law would only help create greater divisions in the US Congress. The conservative senator has also criticized parts of Biden’s policy climate And the Increase taxes.

McGeldy says President Joe Biden can really handle a day like this.

– Manchine has what we call “blackmail.” Usually presidents of the United States are not allowed to do much unless they have an overwhelming majority in Congress behind them, which is unusual nowadays.

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Relates to political survival

Kjetil Raknes believes the 73-year-old senator has little chance of being re-elected, if he moves too much in a liberal direction.

American politicians are elected from their constituencies. Joe Mansion is from West Virginia, where many voters are at the forefront of voting for either Democrats or Republicans.

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Could this mean that Joe Mansheen largely agrees with Biden’s policy, but must vote against many of it to ensure his reelection and democratic control in the Senate?

– It is about political survival and Mansheen in a very difficult situation. Raknes says he will soon end up being the most unpopular man in the entire Democratic Party.

Great Power: American expert and former SV politician, Kjetil Raknes, says Joe Mansion stands in the way of the largest development of the American welfare state since the reforms of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1930s and 1960s. Photo: Markedshøyskolen

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Manchine will be decisive again

Joe Biden’s next “tug of war” in the Senate is tied to one $ 400 billion infrastructure package. Raknes says Biden will have trouble with the conservative senator here.

When the president passed the crisis package earlier this year, it didn’t happen without Joe Mansin’s desires. Among other things, the Conservative senator criticized the package for being too generous with spending money.

Mansion will likely have some objections to how much tax should be levied on US companies to finance it. The senator will likely support the proposal in the end, as it is in no way served by it by being a “scapegoat” because Joe Biden will not be able to do anything during the presidency, Raknes says.