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José Magalhães

This entity is not authorized to provide credit advice, warns Banco de Portugal – O Journal Económico

The Bank of Portugal (BdP) warned this Monday that the entity is not, and has never been authorized to “grant, mediate and carry out credit advice,” according to a note on its website.

Banco de Portugal warns that the alleged entity that operated through the website and email address [email protected] is not currently authorized to conduct any financial activity booked in Portugal and has not been permitted to do so by Supervised Institutions Banco de Portugal, i.e. granting credit, mediation and advisory”, drawing attention “so that it is not confused with any other similar category”.

The institution indicated that “the activity of granting credit provided for in subparagraph b) of paragraph 1 of Article 4 of the general system of credit institutions and financial companies (approved by Decree-Law No. 298/92 of December 31), brokerage and credit consulting activities, provided for In Article 4 and Paragraph (p) of Article 3 of the legal system adopted by Decree-Law No. 81-C/2017, dated 7 July, is reserved for entities authorized to practice it, in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 and Articles 5 and 7 of those certificates respectively” .

The BdP Bank also warned that although the entities authorized to carry out credit concession, brokerage and advisory activities are on the lists that can be consulted on the banking customer portal available on the Bank of Portugal website, they have accessed its site. Knowledge “of cases where the name of authorized entities has been improperly used by third parties in fraudulent schemes, so that, in case of suspicion, they can contact Banco de Portugal via email [email protected]”.

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