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This house was 3D printed entirely with recyclable materials and assembled in less than a day - computers

This house was 3D printed entirely with recyclable materials and assembled in less than a day – computers

Although 3D printed homes are not a A novelty in the field of architecture, such as House Zeroin addition to the solutions being researched to build on the Moon and Mars, The University of Maine claims that the first 100% edition uses only recyclable materials. Unlike other solutions that still use concrete and common building materials using 3D printersBioHome3D intends to be a message of sustainability.

was home It was built entirely from wood fibers and biological resins, a proposal that researchers say could be the answer to the housing crisis the United States is currently facing.🇧🇷 For the construction of the house, the largest 3D printers in the world were used, which have already been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records and who previously printed the largest 3D boat, over 21 meters long. The university’s Structural Research Department recently created a version of the 3D printer focused entirely on the use of biological materials.

See the gallery of photos of the house:

BioHome3D is a prototype of about 55 square metres, with walls and roof built from sustainable materials. The whole house is completely recyclable, and it doesn’t take the usual weeks or months to build, but half a day to put together the parts after they’ve been printed.s. An electrician who managed to electrify the entire structure in just over two hours. After all, you don’t know for sure how long it will take to print the walls and foundation, a house can be habitable in a day or two.

In this sense, it intends to help the United States government save on the material and labor shortages that are fueling the country’s housing crisis. Mention that only Maine already has a shortage of about 20,000 homes and 7 million in the countryIt is a problem that persisted even before the pandemic and was exacerbated by the lack of raw materials.

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Watch the video of the 3D printed house:

The researchers show that construction waste is virtually eliminated due to the precision of the printing process. Says Institute🇧🇷

a The prototype is fitted with sensors to measure temperature, environment and structure, to test the house’s performance During the Maine winter and improving future designs.