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- This is a huge mistake

– This is a huge mistake

British Admiral Sir Tony Radkin says according to Sky News That Russia sacrificed 25 percent of its ground force to seize “small” areas of Ukraine.

It is now believed that Vladimir Putin is running out of soldiers and advanced missiles.

Russia is weak

Radkin says that Russia will never be able to control all of Ukraine.

This is a huge mistake on the part of Russia. Russia will never be able to control Ukraine and has already lost strategically. Admiral Radakin, Britain’s chief of defense staff, says NATO is stronger and Finland and Sweden want to join.

He told Sky News that Russia is advancing 2-3 kilometers a day, and although this is difficult for Ukraine, he envisions a protracted war. It’s been nearly four months since Putin sent Russian troops across the border into the neighboring country.

Ukraine has shown how brave it is, while Russia is imperiled by running out of soldiers and high-tech missiles. Radakin said President Putin used about 25 percent of his military power to seize a small area of ​​land and 50,000 people died or were injured.

There is no official death toll from the war.

They may have some tactical success in the coming weeks. It may last for a few more weeks. The admiral believes that Russia is losing strategically.

Friday “Important” speech

Russian media announced on Thursday that Putin will hold a meeting “Very important and very interesting” We talk Friday.

The speech will be delivered during the International Economic Forum in Saint Petersburg, according to Sky News. Usually, a number of foreign politicians and businessmen participate here, but this year there will be much less.

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Germany, France, Italy and Romania on Thursday promised to support Ukraine throughout the war.

Follow developments in Ukraine live here.