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"This is enough to not happen to these racists!"

“This is enough to not happen to these racists!”

REtta Pereira could not hide her deep indignation at the situation Conceicao Queiroz suffered, during a live report, where a woman told a TVI reporter that she “should go to work for business”.

“There is no racism in Portugal …
What happened to Konsiao Queiroz will again pass many people and pass unpunished. What this woman is saying to Consecao is clearly racistBut many white people will say, “It doesn’t matter at all,” “The woman thinks she is anesthetized, poor,” “Conseciao can handle it,” “Not because she’s black,” “It happens to many journalists,” she begins untold in the stories. On your Instagram account.

“I am in revolt! I want to help, I want justice, I want you to open your eyes and see with eyes what is going on in Portugal again and again. Enough! Stop with these racists!”, Is completed.

Text of indignation written by the actress© Instagram – Rita Pereira

Later, he left a message to Conceicao: “You are a great journalist and TV is your place. Beautiful, smart, cultured, warrior, hardworking, dear, polite. We always want you to be on screen!”

Accurate newsA message left by the actress to the journalist© Instagram – Rita Pereira

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