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This is how Ford Lincoln honors 100 years of its first luxury car - Multimédia

This is how Ford Lincoln honors 100 years of its first luxury car – Multimédia

To honor the 1922 Model L, Lincoln’s first luxury car (Ford’s luxury car division), it was hoped that a car would be built with some distinctive lines that referred directly to the original model. But for the manufacturer, the track is really the message of the future and it is even with The futuristic design of the L100 Concept that the company surprised when it was shown during the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance event.

It’s clearly a conceptual electric car, in line with the brand’s vision to contribute to sustainable mobility, although that doesn’t mean foregoing the luxury and same lavish effect of a classic car. The The manufacturer says the model has a design called Quiet Flight, and seeks to create connected experiences, reimagining the “safe haven” vehicle of the future..

See pictures of the Lincoln L100 concept in gallery:

In the statement, the manufacturer says that it is one of the oldest brands in the world, having been developed at the beginning of the second century of its existence Defining exquisite design, zero emissions and ground-breaking technology experiencesIn the words of Bill Ford, CEO of Ford. He maintains that Lincoln is special to him and his family, especially his father and grandfather who created the powerful car brand.

Regarding the features created for the new L100 Concept model, it was built to be standalone, with Intelligent driving experience, connectivity and software-based innovation. Among its technologies are the next generation of batteries and other innovations that position the car as a system. Its elegant design also promises to maximize interior cabin space, giving designers more flexibility to create the signature Lincoln experience of the future.

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And thinking even in a futuristic way, the car features a chess-shaped console in the center of the cabin, Get rid of steering wheels or pedals in a self-driving experience. The seats have a social configuration for more interaction between the passengers, especially when the front seats are rotated forward: all the passengers face you, as if they were around a table.

Regardless of its technological characteristics, there is no doubt that the exterior design of the car attracts attention, even if it is not a model that we can see on the road. But what is important are the ideas that can be used to further develop the automobile industry.

1922 Model L

Lincoln 1922 Model L

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Lincoln 1922 Model L