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This is how Netanyahu can stop the formation of a new government - VG

This is how Netanyahu can stop the formation of a new government – VG

Government? Eight of the leaders of the Israeli parties differ in their policies in many directions. – A government that could collapse at any time, Israeli analysts believe. Photo: JACK GUEZ / AFP

The new Israeli government could be ousted before it even began if Benjamin Netanyahu were to make “one last little point,” according to an Israeli analyst.


To VG, renowned Israeli commentator and political analyst Akiva Eldar explains how he envisions Benjamin Netanyahu could put sticks in the wheels of the political constellation that was formed only to get rid of Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel.

– to say so This abnormal partnership الشراكة She will be able to collapse at any moment, not for the sake of exaggeration. It would only take one last point on Netanyahu’s part, and then halt the formation of a government by Naftali Bennett. Bibi Netanyahu may retire. Then Likud, the largest party in Israel, will elect a new leader. If that happens, a purely right-wing government with Likud at its head will once again be formed, Akiva Eldar believes.

Skipetek: Akiva Eldar has little confidence that a new Israeli government will hold together and rule the country for a long time. Photo: SAMUEL CORUM / AFP

Several Israeli media reported on Thursday that it already has one of the seven deputies they represent Naftali Bennetts, withdrew its support for the government project.

Another of the party is considering resigning and will oppose the formation of a government in which Mansour Abbas’s Arab-Israeli party will be represented.

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A government that can be overthrown by one vote will not last long. But anything can happen, this is Israel, you know, Israeli political analyst Gideon Levy tells VG.

– Pressure from a powerful settler movement for a potential Naftali Bennett government to expand illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank is significant. The same center resented the entry of a large Arab party into the government. This requires more miracles, says Levy.

Nothing new: – There will be no difference between the Netanyahu government and Bennett. Gideon Levy says the policy will be much the same. Photo: Harald Berg Sævereid

– This is a right-wing government that replaces a right-wing government. This is not a real change in Israeli policy. Therefore, there is no reason for rejoicing, neither here in Israel nor in the Western world.

We will witness that potential Foreign Minister Yair Lapid will travel around the world, be photographed with world leaders, and charm everyone who desperately wants to change Israeli policy. it will be They are the kind that Shimon Peres invented At the time Israel’s face was abroad, says Gideon Levy.