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This is how Putin deceives us - VG

This is how Putin deceives us – VG

Lying to Lying: Vladimir Putin’s State-Controlled Media Broadcast Propaganda. In addition to this, activity is high on social media and there are clandestine business in the background.

Activists, politicians and the media are all fooled by the actors and liars of the Russian dictatorship.


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There really are no limits anymore. Russian media claim that German doctors change the sex of children at the age of four, that the Danes have legalized animal brothels and that Italian courts accept pedophilia.

The war is in its fourth month. Russia, under Putin, has stepped up its propaganda.

There are so many wild things that we can hardly eat them. But often we are deceived more than we think.

NRK stayed in Field last week in PFU distance Daily review showed Pictures of Russia providing food and medicine to the severely affected population, while a “Spokesman for the Donetsk People’s Republic” said that Ukrainian groups were preparing for chemical attacks here.

The images came from state-controlled Russian television and gave the impression that Russian occupiers were the caretakers, while the unsupported claim of chemical warfare was left unchallenged. Article on Minerva Explains the case in detail.

No Republic: This weekend, the Russian Defense Ministry arranged a press trip to the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic, where the Russians were allowed to start the war in 2014. A wedding was planned for the arrival of the photographers.

This is not the first time at all.

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After the invasion, the Russian military claimed that the Americans were pursuing various projects on Ukrainian soil, such as infecting Russians with diseases such as swine fever and anthrax, preferably via birds.

These allegations could also surface on Dagsrevyen. for similar things.

A number of explanations for the lie: One of the most common lies that Russian propaganda and Putin have lied about is the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Donetsk in Ukraine. All 298 on board died. It was a missile from the Russian defense that brought down the plane.

The problem with trust in Norway is that we struggle to believe that someone can lie so shamelessly. The people who try here are exposed.

Another reason why lies spread is that the serious media want “balance”.

But here both parties are not equally guilty. There were admittedly separatists in eastern Ukraine in 2014, but had it not been for Russia’s intervention, there would have been no violent conflict arising at that time.

There is no balance in showing nonsense. The goal should be to bring out true Russian perceptions of reality.

But with all the lies, it is difficult to distinguish what the Russians honestly believe from their ironic manipulation.

Referred to Carlos: Putin told filmmaker Oliver Stone that Spanish air traffic controller Carlos saw Ukrainian fighter jets behind the MH17 shooting. Then it was revealed long ago as a fabrication. Carlos was convicted in Romania and was on a TV cooking show.

Perhaps even more intimidating than complete lies with actors is the unseen propaganda that creeps in here and there.

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Like the Russian language banned in Ukraine. It is repeated so many times that people believe in it. The Kremlin also succeeded in making the Nazis in Ukraine a major problem. Something they use to justify their invasion and occupation.

In addition, Russian terms are used unconsciously. Suddenly the Donetsk People’s Republic has become a real people’s republic and the war in eastern Ukraine is a purely Ukrainian civil war, which creates the impression that most people want out of Ukraine.

My VG colleagues and I have certainly repeated Russian propaganda several times.

They took back the city: Ukrainian forces recaptured the city of Slaviansk in eastern Ukraine in 2014. Then, a crying woman told Russian television that the Ukrainians crucified a three-year-old boy here and that her mother was dragged by a tank until she died. It was purely a fabrication.

Because Russian influence may be more extensive than we thought. In its most severe form, it threatens the freedom of expression of critical Russian researchers, journalists, and experts.

as usual Finnish journalist Jessica Arrow who decided to dig In the activities of Russian trolls.

Arrow was accused of being a Western agent, a NATO drug dealer who made threatening phone calls with the sounds of machine guns.

Heavy Pregnant: Marianna Vyshgerskaya was forced to evacuate when the Russians bombed the Mariupol Children’s Hospital in 2022. The Russian ambassador to the UK thought she was an actress with realistic make-up. Later, she appeared on Russian Channel One, where she said that she had not heard any air raids.

In 2019, Norwegian researchers and experts were also Western influential agents Stegan.

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An alleged leak of a document was at the root of the case, which was to expose a secret anti-Russian network. ABCNews took the topic even further He interviewed two of the alleged Norwegian members. They rejected this as a spray.

In Sweden, the issue became much larger because the main newspaper Aftonbladet tackled several issues around the network, which they envisioned working with cells across Europe.

Stop writing about Russia: Åsa Linderborg is now a commentator for Aftonbladet and has said she no longer wants to write about Russia.

Aftonbladet’s then-cultural director Åsa Linderborg introduced Russian researcher Martin Cragg as a potential coordinator of the North Cell. She believed that the documents could indicate that he was a British influence agent and described him as a Democratic problem.

There was a background here.

The parties have been in conflict since 2017, when Krag criticized Aftonbladet in an article Russian disinformation transmission.

There was a disturbance.

Then Lindeborg counterattack It came and it turned out to be based on Russian propaganda Perhaps many felt that the case was over.

Newspaper Later in the Press Opinion Committee.

Protest on the poster: For a few seconds, Marina Ovchannikova raised a poster on the pro-regime Channel One protesting the war in Ukraine. I got a new job at German Die Welt in April.

In Norway, particularly fertile ground for Russian propaganda has been found among populists and conspiracy theorists and on the foreign wings. She has little in common, but believes that she is against the “elite”.

The peace movement may at times remind us of the Russian speaker, with the view that NATO is the aggressive party and that the war in Ukraine is the A proxy war.

For their part, right-wing populists and evangelical Christian organizations have embraced the Russian “gayropa” invention. Putin’s anti-human quest for blatant internal enemies such as gays and transgender people is propagated by cultural warriors.

Bucha: The Russians denied the abuses that took place in the Ukrainian city, and in a version that appeared on state television, the bodies were said to be moving and therefore actually alive. A number of other versions of the lie are also offered.

When Russian propaganda coincides with the opinions of people who fight against everything from America to the third sex, it does not mean that they support Putin.

The problem is that Russia’s aggression, invasion, threat with nuclear weapons, censorship, and the killing of opposition figures all end up with the desire of their heart, whether it is anti-American, nuclear weapons, or opposition to gender-neutral toilets.

After February 24, fewer people made their arable land available.

So another invasion had to happen before it became clear to most people: we are dealing with an aggressive, propaganda-spouting dictatorship that wants to crush its neighboring country.