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This is how the former American general predicts the new phase of the war

This is how the former American general predicts the new phase of the war

Former US Defense General Mark Hertling has an even longer term Twitter topic He looked at the history of war and how he thought it would develop in the future.

So far, Hertling divides the war into three phases. At the first stage, Russia attempted to overthrow the government in Kyiv. The second phase dealt with attrition on both sides, as Russia and Ukraine are fighting to reinforce their personnel, equipment, and ammunition.

In the third phase, we saw the Ukrainian forces generating momentum.

The fourth stage

– Ukraine will win this war and regain its territory and sovereignty, says former US General Mark Hertling. Photo: Antonio Broneck/Reuters

Now the war is entering its fourth phase, according to Hertling, who believes that Russia is now trying to create a “frozen conflict.”

– They do this to get a break so they can boost their forces before the next attack. Hertling writes that Ukraine and the West should not fall for this trick.

Recently, the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine has been subjected to a number of Russian attacks, and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been without electricity.

Hertling believes that Russian forces will continue to focus on attacking Ukrainian infrastructure in the future.

– Ukraine’s morality will be tested, the former general wrote.

long to the end

According to Hertling, the upcoming matches between Russia and Ukraine in the south will be difficult for Ukraine. This is due to the rugged terrain and longer routes for supplies.

He stressed the importance of not falling in love with Russia’s attempts to create a frozen conflict.

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Ukraine will win this war and regain its lands and sovereignty. But there is a lot of fighting ahead. Many have asked when the war will end. Hard to say, but it won’t be anytime soonHertling writes.

You will get more help from Iran

Iran admitted earlier this month that it had indeed sold drones to Russia. However, they specified that the trade must have taken place prior to the Russian invasion. However, there has been speculation that Iran distributed drones and weapons to Russia during the war.

Hertling expects Russia to get more help from Iran in the next phase of the war.

– They will get more support from Iran, and they will use more strategic aircraft with long-range missiles, Hertling wrote.