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This is how the homes of the future will be – C-Studio

This is how the homes of the future will be – C-Studio

The real estate market is in a transition towards sustainability. The way we build the homes we live in will change dramatically early in 2026, with a positive impact on the environment as well as our wallets.

Homes as we know them will never be the same. The requirements of the new Directive “On the Energy Performance of Buildings”, approved by the European Parliament in March, within the scope of energy and carbon neutrality policies, will affect the real estate sector and the lives of all Portuguese.

response to the climate crisis, New public buildings must be “zero emissions” from 2026And in 2028 for the rest. The directive also specifies that existing buildings must begin a renovation process that will place them in an energy class of at least D in 2030 and move towards achieving “zero emissions” in 2050.

However, everyday comfort and luxury should not be sacrificed in the name of the planet. Portuguese real estate agency 100% Zome that it player that are at the forefront of change and that actively help clients prepare to take the leap towards a more sustainable life.

anticipation EU Green Weekwhich is celebrated this year between June 3 and 11, the moderator finds it urgent Implement a multidimensional approach that unites economic viability with environmental and social dimension.

Despite the current economic context, there are alternative solutions capable of making the dream of buying a home a reality. And no, we are not talking about “dolls houses”. Technological transformation has reached the real estate marketopening up a world of new possibilities and responding effectively to two crises: the housing crisis as well as the environmental crisis.

Do we live in “toxic” homes?

The real estate sector is Responsible for 38% of global greenhouse gas emissions, a value that cannot be increased. Even before they begin to be inhabited, buildings release these gases via carbon dioxide, which comes from the energy consumed during the production process and from the production process itself for traditional building materials. Only in the cement industry 8% of all emissions in the world are produced. as, The directive recommends the use of natural materials in construction like wood.

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For Zome, the A new trend in sustainable construction It is undoubtedly the future. The broker believes that this type of construction goes far beyond reducing the environmental footprint and contributes to streamlining the processes themselves, such as licensing processes, which in turn encourage construction, increase the supply of real estate and encourage falling prices. Thus, the homes of the future respond to two crises: the housing crisis and the environmental crisis.

Zome also highlights the importance of implementing new and more complete forms of certification that go far beyond energy performance assessment, with the aim of assessing a building’s sustainability from different perspectives.

New forms of sustainable certification
• BREEAM (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

• LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

• WELL (focuses on the health and well-being of those who live in or use the buildings)

Dream homes that are affordable, energy efficient and ready to live in in no time

Patricia Santos, CEO of Zome, considers that Prefab and modular homes They are an alternative to traditional construction and can be the right choice for anyone looking for a space that is comfortable, flexible and adaptable to different needs.

With a shorter working time As a general rule, at a lower costis increasingly popular and presents itself as a new building solution that offers ideal living conditions.

From the most rustic and traditional to the modern and minimalist, the offer is very diverse, with very different models, prices and characteristics, depending on the uses and the options chosen. He is also about Cleaner building with recyclable materials and zero waste of raw materials.

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The increasing use of wood in construction is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and corresponds to a profound paradigm shift in the real estate sector. This new reality is already assumed by Zome in its new projects.

“The quality of this type of construction turned out to be much higher because everything was factory-tested. A factory-built bathroom unit, for example, had all of its materials tested, from the toilets to the pipes. Not to mention the savings in building material waste, It’s a pity,” explains Patricia Santos.

“When talking about sustainable construction, it is not only about environmentally friendly construction. It is necessary to rethink construction methods so that construction is also accessible. Because this is what will make it possible to build a product that is suitable for demand. It is necessary to change the entire construction methodology, to industrialize the process This construction, which allows not only to reduce costs but also to solve the employment problem because it facilitates all forms of employment, ”he adds.

Building factories democratizes access to the profession, including women and the elderly in its workforce.

Prefab homes have arrived in Portugal

These modern homes are very popular in the Nordic countries or in Spain, for example, and appear as a viable and credible option that could be the solution, especially for young people, who live on wages that are not in line with current economic realities and are therefore increasingly excluded from the market. Real estate.

In terms of building in Portugal, we believe the path will be through hybrid building solutionsThis means that part of this is done off-site, thus reducing costs with transportation or assembly time,” shares João Morgado, Operations Manager at Zome.

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We already have some examples in the north of the countryby the construction company Casais, which is finalizing a hotel based on these solutions and will be the first hybrid construction building in the Iberian Peninsula.

The future of real estate is green

Patricia Santos stresses the critical role of government in fostering this transition in building style.

“There should be incentives from the government for companies that develop products using this kind of methodology. Companies cannot be alone in this. Just look at the Nordic countries or Spain. We are still at the bottom of Europe although there is incredible potential here.” He said.

“It is necessary to have a joint effort in this area with the state, even to give credibility,” says Zome CEO.

Zoom anticipates that environmental, social and corporate governance concerns will increasingly form part of decisions in this sector, with achievement goals ranging from reducing emissions to investing in diversity and inclusion policies within organizations.

For the real estate agent, more than just a new trend in real estate, technology will play a central role as an indispensable tool. Ensure a sustainable planet and the right to adequate housing for all. In addition to enhancing the flexibility of the sector by developing, simplifying and accelerating operations. It’s a new world.