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This is science for me - 07/07/2022 - News

This is science for me – 07/07/2022 – News

Alex Medeiros

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This is a science for me

American Thomas Friedman, a political journalist who collects Pulitzer Prizes with his articles in the New York Times, stated in 2005 that the world is flat (please don’t confuse it with flat earth nonsense), in a bestseller that is still sold today. Today, any teen who is included in digital inclusion already knows that time has diminished with the speed of communication.


Just a push of a button, or virtual access, or a keystroke, to let anyone tell the world what they are doing or what is happening, respectively, in the Arctic or in Praia de Pipa or in the outskirts of Caico. From rock-cut cave making to cell phone megabytes, we’ve broken down history into chapters and eras. And we control time, we shrink space, we make life a condensation of periods, a global moment.

What determines time and space has nothing to do with the speed of light. But with the connection speed. It took us centuries to learn about the letters of our ancestors, the stone bloggers that Mattel studied in the first speleology.

Other centuries to decipher and read the scrolls of the so-called ancient history, the tombs covered symbols. Decades of learning about distant cultures, at the end of the journeys of early adventurers and ancient travelers.

Then there were years of separation between civilizations, narrowed down by writing on papyrus, printed on the first Gutenberg machines. There we spent months at sea crossings, information swimming aimlessly, conquering the depths of the ocean.

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After the ships, we trimmed months into weeks, riding the news on horseback. We reduced the time in the sprint, cutting down forests and mountains. We overcome the paws with the engine. We ran thousands of championships in days, kilometers in hours, on the ideas of Savery, Watt, Parsons, Lenoir and Diesel.

The world is flat. Thanks to the gradual steps we’ve taken since the monkeys separated. By walking, speaking, writing, sailing and flying, we shorten distances, which means time is shortened. The biggest leap came in 1844, when Samuel Morse announced the Telegraph.

In just 178 years, a small period in terms of human adventure on this planet, and very little in relation to the current stage of science, we have managed to turn time into a spark of life. From Morse code to the cellular internet, we’ve created our limitless limits.

In the wonderful world of communication, where ancient laws are overcome by practice, causing fruitless debates about rights and piracy, it is worth remembering that we owe so much progress to the intelligence of Morse, a humble plastic artist who ended up engaging in the studies of the physicist Andre Marie Ampère. .

A friend told him about Ampere’s electromagnetism, which had already occupied the daily lives of philosophers and scientists, such as the German Friedrich Clemens Gehrke, the true author of the idea that would become known as Morse code.

Paint was as fast as today’s hackers and nerds who end up anticipating companies. Morse’s first letter, sent from Washington to Baltimore, said “what God made possible.” Four years later, the new connection made it possible to create a telegraph network across the United States.

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In the current era of the flat world that Thomas Friedman talked about, science makes possible new minds like Samuel Morse, artist hackers who don’t think of wasting time. Because, time, is too short now.


Several US and European newspaper covers in their editions yesterday carried disturbing headlines about a statement made by US President Joe Biden warning the world of the real danger of nuclear war.


The political activity of the Supreme Courts is close to absurd. For the second time, the Ministry of Health cannot announce the polio vaccine by decision of the TSE. But exaggerating the risks of the Covid vaccine in children is easily permissible.


Young writer and professor from Bahia, Rodrigo Hunter, has put his new book “Atentado ao STF” up for sale in advance on the networks, in a graphic novel inspired by comic books. The work will be published by Editora Viseu.

RC Certanejo

King Roberto Carlos posted on social media an excerpt from his interpretation of the song “Evidências”, composed in 1989 by Jose Augusto and Paulo Sergio Valle and immortalized by Chitãozinho & Xororó. The song became an anthem for generations.

Day 10 On its Instagram page, RC announced that its full recording will be available on the networks on Monday, 10, starting at midnight. In her voice, the iconic “Evidências” will be on the soundtrack to the TV series Travessia, on TV Globo.


Apparently, the media is tearing silk for the image of Claudia Raya on the cover of Bazaar magazine. Her anatomical structure is very different from that which made her famous, in early pregnancy, in a marble aspect and a copy of the singer Cher.

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In April 1973, the newspapers of Natal reported that the then President of America, Delirmando Machado, had traveled to SP and RJ with carte blanche to hire reinforcements, and would stop in Bahia to negotiate with a bullfighter.

Holy Cross

It was the name of Dellermando’s goal, the Atlético de Alagoinas striker who with his goals led the team to a title dispute with Bahia. He formed a killer duo with Hélcio on the Northeast Champion team. He passed away yesterday.

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