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This is the big news coming to Android!

This is the big news coming to Android!

Google announced several new features at MWC that will be coming to Android. Among them are many things related to artificial intelligence, but also others that promise to make your life easier when interacting with your smartphone.

This is the big news coming to Android!

Notes in Google Docs on Android

Undoubtedly the most impressive update for Android users is the ability to annotate documents in Google Docs. You can doodle to add comments, notes, and even drawings. In other words, whatever you want.

Although it seems to be primarily focused on simplifying editing and speeding up complex documents, you can use it as a collaborative productivity tool.

Gemini artificial intelligence in google messages

Google is bringing ChatGPT competitor, Gemini AI, to its messaging app to make everything simpler. You can also chat with Gemini about different topics to gain knowledge or use it to increase your productivity, reducing the time you spend planning your day or coming up with new ideas.

TalkBack for Lens on Google Maps

Google Lens is a powerful tool. Use artificial intelligence to gather information so you can easily explore the world around you. Although Google Lens is already built into Google Maps, TalkBack with Lens on Maps can read information about places and businesses you find through your smartphone's camera.

Summaries in Android Auto

Thanks to the integration of AI, Android Auto can summarize long text messages you receive while driving, so you can keep your eyes on the road. You can also suggest responses and actions, like sharing your ETA or initiating a phone call, so responding to messages is as easy as tapping the screen.

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AI-generated captions for images

Google is once again using artificial intelligence to improve the Lookout app for Android. Now you can create descriptions for almost any image and have them read aloud automatically to help people who are blind or have low vision.

In fact, these are very interesting things that will improve our interaction with the Android operating system.