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This is the number for providing telephone service

This is the number for providing telephone service

On 15 May 2024, ANACOM agreed to grant DIGI Portugal the right to use numbering resources to provide telephone service at a fixed location. Find out the assigned number.

The arrival of the Romanian operator DIGI is awaited with some expectations in Portugal. The operator does not have services available yet, but according to the information, it already has a lot of infrastructure. Did you know that DIGI already has more than two thousand antennas installed in Portugal? That's right, you can see it here.

Digi: Numbering for providing telephone service

Regarding numbering, ANACOM has also already assigned the numbering For the geographical areas of Coimbra, Faro, Pombal, Portimão, Santarem, São João da Madeira and Viana do Castelo as detailed below:

  • Coimbra: 23920xxxx
  • Faro: 28921xxxx
  • Pombal: 23668xxxx
  • Portimao: 28264xxxx
  • Santarém: 24302xxxx
  • São João da Madeira: 25634xxxx
  • Viana do Castelo: 25859xxxx

Digi Communications entered our country after acquiring eight blocks of frequencies between 800 MHz and 3600 MHz for 67 million euros in 2022. The company already has several employees in Portugal and the goal is to offer the best telecommunications services at the lowest price. It should be noted that this is an unofficial map.

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