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This is the purpose of the hole in the base of the lock that everyone ignores.

wSurely you have already noticed that the locks have a hole in the base. What you may not know is that this is not a purely decorative detail as many people think.

What many see as a detail actually has a very specific purpose. According to the Edict Concursos Brasil portal, it facilitates the flow of oils and fluids at the time of maintenance.

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Many locks remain on the gates, so a lot of dirt and even rainwater accumulates. If this happens, you can easily clean the inside of the body through this hole, which increases the durability of the lock.

This small hole also improves the performance of the object. Over time, it is normal for a key not to turn around so easily, for example. In these cases, the hole in the base serves to apply a special lubricant to the lock, which facilitates the penetration of liquid into the internal system and the restoration of proper functioning or loosening of the lock.

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