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"This is the reason for my breasts...!"

“This is the reason for my breasts…!”

Filipa Torrinha Nunes took to social media to share a bunch of photos with her followers showing an emoji part, and ended up responding to criticism in another post.

Commentator Pasadera Vermelha, of SIC Caras, voiced criticism of her body and did not leave “a stone without a heart”: “I get so many degrading messages and comments about my breasts and it seems to me that this picture is very timely to tackle this topic”, begins to write.

“I usually wouldn’t publish it, it was taken by chance, but today I chose to do it because we have to talk about it. We have to allow ourselves to live freely and realize that all bodies are different, all bodies are good and all have their beauty”, it can still be read.

“This is the reason for my breasts! I like them and I hope you like this side too. Aesthetic standards are meaningless. Do you agree? Have a nice weekend and stay on this side because I have many pictures from my vacation to share“He is done.

The comment box is filled with messages of support: “She is naturally beautiful! I really love it ❤️” where “I definitely agree. 👌🥰”, are just a few examples.

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