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This is the secret of Georgina Rodriguez’s “perfection” on the cover of Vogue

This is the secret of Georgina Rodriguez’s “perfection” on the cover of Vogue

As we noted, Georgina Rodriguez He is the protagonist of the cover of the latest issue of Vogue Portugal. Girlfriend Cristiano Ronaldo So she saw another dream come true, but she ended up receiving some criticism and was accused of using too much Photoshop.

In the Red carpet Last Friday the 13th Hugo MendesThe editor and commentator of the Social Criticism Program revealed that the cover of the magazine was not edited and that Geo also did not receive any value from it.

“On social media, there was a lot of debate about whether there was Photoshop or not. I spoke with Vogue’s director, José Santana, who explained to me that, like any photographic production, there are light and angles you prefer. Now, Photoshop doesn’t have it.”He started by revealing Hugo Mendes.

The fact is that Cristiano Ronaldo’s companion made a unique cover for the publication and Liliana CamposThe presenter believes that any photo session requires some preparation: “A lot of times, for these products, it’s natural for them to treat their face more or lose weight.”

“I also found out that the production took place in Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo was there to support and his children were there too.– added the commentator of the Sik Karas program.

Regarding the controversy over how much the model will receive for this cover, some rumors have spread online that she may earn 120,000 euros. However, this rumor also ended up being denied by Hugo Mendes.

“Some say she was paid to be here, others say she wasn’t. They assured me that Vogue had not paid for Georgina to be on the cover. If there are a few thousand in the guess contract, that’s another thing.He added, referring to the brand for which the model stands out.

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