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This is what it looked like when the party ended - VG

This is what it looked like when the party ended – VG

LITTER: St. Hanshogen Park on Sunday morning. Photo: Tipser

On another Sunday morning, Oslo residents woke up to huge litter in city parks.


In the garden of St. Hanshaugen, at 08:00 there was still quite a bit of rubbish left after partying at night, despite the fact that the cleaning crews had already been working for some time.

On Sunday night, police estimated there were about 3,000 people in the park. Then they reported a good mood, but received several complaints about loud music.

He wrote last Sunday too VG about dumping garbage after partying in parks in Oslo and Bergen, among other places.

Police moved into the park Saturday night after several complaints about loud music.

When VG arrived at the park around 00:30, it was very crowded, and people were sitting close to each other on the grass in the summer heat. Music was played from the speakers that were brought in.

There are an estimated 2,000 people in the park, police announced on Twitter shortly after midnight.

Two hours later, just before 2 a.m., she reported to the police that they believed there were about 3,000 people in the park.

However, the atmosphere at the site is good, Director of Operations Catherine Selgo in the Oslo Police District tells VG.

– But there are a few more people there than last night. Now we’re cruising around trying to get people to turn off music systems, which residents are reacting to, she tells VG.

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The police state that everyone who ordered this turned off the music.

– We get feedback that there is a good distribution of age groups, about 18-30, it’s a big park where people are well distributed, COO goes on, COO goes on.

Also on the city beach in Kristiansand, people ate on Saturday night.

– Conservative estimates suggest that more than 500 people gathered in the evening and at night on the spot, the police in Igdir wrote on Twitter It’s 00.30.

Agder police also went to a party at a private address in Kristiansand. The number of people present was more than allowed by local Corona regulations, and the police are opening a case on the matter. The homeowner was also asked to end the festivities.

According to police, a “full party” was also held in Kvam in the Vestland county on Saturday night.

At 22.33, the police were notified that the Russians had smoked large parts of the parking lot at the Gullbotn Ski Resort.

They reported loud music right away, as there were a total of seven Russian buses.

– I reported a whole party and a lot of people, the police wrote on Twitter.

Police in the East reported receiving several complaints about loud music and noise on Sunday night.

– Frequent complaints against Russian buses that played loud music. We have responded to many messages and given orders to end the parties and stop the music, They write on Twitter.

The police’s southeast district recorded a total of 34 night peace disturbance incidents in their area Sunday night.

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The police were on many of those, but not all of them on Twitter.

The people of Trondelag also used the good weather to celebrate and enjoy the outdoors.

In the Trondelag police district, the police had a total of 140 missions, 43 of which were related to disturbing the night peace.

– We had a quiet night and there were a number of disturbances during the night, COO Maja Sagen tells VG.

We patrolled seven of them and gave verbal orders on two of the missions. The rest was arranged on site. Most of them were in Trondheim, but also some were in other cities and towns such as Stjørdal and Verdal, says Maja Sagen.

Skansen was one of the seven places the police visited. There was also loud music in Kyvann and Kristiansten castles.

People gathered and enjoyed the sun, says Sagen.