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This is what the newspapers write about Norwegian politics for Monday, May 27, 2024.

This is what the newspapers write about Norwegian politics for Monday, May 27, 2024.

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Roodt's newly elected deputy will make air travel more expensive than ever (distinguished name)
100,000 additional fees per year for round trip Oslo Bergen? Yes, if you do it several times a week, suggests Sophie Marhaug, Rødt's new vice president. Deputy Leader Roodt's proposal would not have much to say for a family that travels once a year, but it does have a lot to say about a company that sends its employees back and forth several times a year.

Marhaug explains: – If we want to have a fair climate policy, we must reduce air traffic between cities where trains are an alternative, such as Oslo and Bergen. The escalating fees, which become more expensive if you travel multiple times between these cities, will not only force people to cut back on their trips. It will also force companies to choose environmentally friendly products, she says. Read more

Anger at the government: – Nepotism (NRK “Political Quarter”)
Both right and left believe that the strike between academics and Unio is completely understandable. – They face being deprived of the collective agreement they feel satisfied with, says MP Anna Molberg from the Conservative Party.

– Salary settlement in the state has become very political. The government will force academics and UNIO members into a collective agreement managed by the LO. “We see this as LO-commissioned work that the government is absorbing with complete sincerity,” says Molberg. She believes that this would also be a matter of constitutional freedom of association in Norway.

– There is no doubt that the government here is planning a policy that favors the trade unions, namely the LO, thus concentrating more power on Youngstorget and weakening other independent trade unions, she says.

Karianne Olderness Tong (AFP), the Minister for Digitalization and Administration responsible for state-side negotiations, believes the government is doing the opposite by weakening freedom of association. -I've always been concerned that we should get equal pay for equal work, no matter where you are organized. Unio and Akademikerne negotiated 100% of the salary locally. The state has gone further and offered 75 percent of wage creation locally, says Olderness Tong.

– We get very clear feedback from managers in state institutions such as universities, from Nav and from the Customs Office, where you see that colleagues who sit and work in an adjacent office get different salary arrangements because they are organized in different places. To me, everyone in the state deserves the same and everyone should get a pay raise no matter where they are organized. Listen to the broadcast

Political crowbar (Torbjørn Roy Isaksen, E24)
The strike in the state is about politics, not the krone or the øre. Read more

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KrF will be stricter: no drugs and refusal to move (NRK)
KrF will refuse refugees to move anywhere they want in Norway. Erna Solberg says clearly: It is out of the question to support a government that decriminalizes drugs. – This is the obvious KrF who will be tougher on crime. For KrF, it is important to find and preserve the shared values ​​that built a safe Norwegian society, says justice policy spokesman and former leader of KrF, Kjell Ingolf Robstad. Read more

Brenna settles down with: – Serious allegations (NRK)
Raudt Ungdom leader believes Jens Stoltenberg should be tried for bombing in Libya. Serious allegations, says AP deputy leader. – I think it should be the smallest thing in the world to say loudly and clearly on behalf of Rudd that Jens Stoltenberg, Jonas Jar Sture, and the other examples mentioned by Kaur here are not war criminals, says Brenna. Read more

Al-Haqq against the government: – It seems as if they recognize Hamas (electronic newspaper)
We are now in a situation where Hamas congratulates us and cheers for us. They are clearly very happy with the government's decision. This is what Anna Mühlberg, parliamentary representative of the Conservative Party, tells Netavisen. – I do not think that this is what the government wanted to achieve by recognizing Palestine as a state. Read more

Children's Ombudsman rages against Labor and Tories: – Very disappointing (electronic newspaper)
On Sunday, Høyer's child welfare policy spokesman, Tage Petersen, appeared on TV2 and called for tougher action against young offenders who have repeatedly committed serious crimes. Petersen and the right want their own “detention institutions” for juvenile offenders. Labour's deputy leader, Tunji Brenna, did not close the door on the proposal.

Children's Ombudsman Ivar Stockright shakes his head at the politicians' proposals. – It is very disappointing that politicians compete to propose unfair and ineffective measures for children, and at the same time are unwilling to invest in what is known to work, which is preventive action. Read more

True, true, true (Frithjof Jacobsen, DN)
Labor moves to the right, right-wing voters move to the right. Where will the Conservative Party be? Read more

Previous gang summit on youth crime: – Now there is a crisis (NRK)
He smuggled and sold drugs and was part of a brutal gang war in the early 2000s. Now Mikael is afraid of what is happening in Oslo. Mikael Niaz Ali (44) has a worried look on his face. – There is a crisis because we are losing more and more of our children to crime. Read more

Ap, SV and MDG are responsible for the volatile housing market (Director Trygve Hegnar, Finansavisen)
If anyone is to blame for today's crazy housing market in Oslo, with too few homes, the wrong type of housing and high ownership and rental prices, it should be the three red city council parties Ap, SV and MDG that have ruled Oslo. For a period of eight years until the municipal elections in 2023. Read more

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Alfred Bjorlo (5th) re-elected to Parliament (NTB)
Alfred Björlü from the left wishes for another four years in Parliament and declares that he agrees to stand as the best candidate for Sogne og Fjordhan in 2025. Björlü was elected to Parliament in 2021. – The only thing I really missed was being a part of the ruling in office, says Björlö. And not just “blowing” on the part of the opposition. He believes and wants the Liberal Party to be part of the new government in 2025.

The strike will intensify sharply on Monday – as police warn holiday employees (NTB)
More than 3,500 government employees are on strike as of Monday. A number of agencies and businesses are covered, but the police and justice sector are particularly affected. Read more

I think more people would have a power cable than Barum: – Very bad signal (E24)
Frp and Rødt believe that the requirements for onshore and offshore cables for various power connections may become stronger in the future. The reason is that the government agreed to lay an underground cable and tunnel between Hamang in Barum and Semstad in Oslo. Storting representatives from both Frp and Rødt asked the government questions about this.

– It will be a nightmare to locate power lines in the future. Now everyone expects that they will be able to lay cables either at sea or on land, and that the bill will be borne by electricity consumers, Terry Halliland (Frp) tells E24. Underground and submarine cables can cost several billion kroner more than overhead lines. It is the grid customers who share in the bill for developing the electricity network. Read more

Elin gets NOK 107 per hour to take care of her daughter: – She is sick (electronic newspaper)
– If Linnea and I lived in Lillestrom, I would earn an extra NOK 4,500 a month, says Elin Jacobsen in the living room of her home in Klufta. In Lillestrom municipality, the hourly care allowance is NOK 178. This is NOK 71 more than in Ullensaker municipality. Here, the price is NOK 107 per hour and has not changed for at least 16 years.

-I think he's quite sick. “I'm here doing a huge amount of work for the municipality, which is actually their responsibility, and then you get burned by that hourly wage,” Jacobsen says. Read more

Eddy believes that many European Union countries will recognize Palestine (NTB)
Many EU countries will sign and recognize Palestine, Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide believes (AFP). He hopes this will be a “game changer.” Read more

ESPN Barth Eddy on the crisis in the Middle East: – The house is on fire (VG)
On Sunday evening, Norway and Saudi Arabia chaired a meeting in Brussels that included 38 countries to start the peace process in the Middle East. Read more

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– Demanding leadership of Israel (daily)
Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Sture (AFP) acknowledges that there are profound historical experiences linked to what Israel is experiencing now, but rejects that it can dictate Norway's policy. Read more

China threatens Taiwan with war. Norway supports China (Anders Magnus, Netavicine)
Are salmon exports to China more important than democracy in Taiwan? Read more

An American researcher fears an existential crisis for Norway if Trump wins (NTB)
American researcher Hilda Rystad warned that a new presidential term for Donald Trump in the United States would lead to major changes in Norway. If Norway put the fate of its security policy in the hands of the Americans because it was believed that the United States was a liberal democracy, this assumption has ended with the new Trump term, says Rystad, an associate professor at Oslo Ny Huiskol.

The former Ukrainian president to VG about possible talks with Putin: -⁠ No one negotiated with Hitler (VG)
Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (70 years old) believes that “it would be a shame” to sit and negotiate with Vladimir Putin (71 years old). Read more

Friends like us (Kristin Finn Brosgaard, Head of the Intelligence School) (DN)
In a world that is becoming increasingly unpredictable, we must build close relationships with those closest to us. Because although today the Norwegian Defense Forces are better equipped to deal with crises or wars, we remain completely dependent on our close allies. Although many people often talk about the United States as our most important ally, it is Britain and the Nordic countries that will be able to provide assistance to Norway first. These, our closest neighbors, are the ones who feel the same way we do. Read more

He believes that defensive rearmament is one-sided: – Reducing the scale of diplomacy is scary (NRK)
The defense will be built strongly in the coming years. The Secretary-General of the Norwegian People's Aid Organization, Raymond Johansen, believes that diplomacy is a better weapon. The long-time father politician believes that diplomacy and peace talks should not be forgotten. – We see internationally that diplomacy is being reduced. It is not a good way to protect the image of threat and increased risk. Read more

Desperate mind and emotions (Anin Kjørulf, Associate Professor, University of Oslo and Special Advisor, Norwegian Institute for Human Rights) (DN)
An academic boycott of Israel is a bad idea. Read more

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