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This is where the harsh driving ended: – I woke up to the sound of an explosion

This is where the harsh driving ended: – I woke up to the sound of an explosion

Len Samuelsen (31) suddenly woke up to “the whole house shaking”. The sight that met her shocked.


On Sunday night, Len Samuelsen woke up to the sound of a loud explosion. She says the walls shook.

– My husband ran into the yard. She says and adds: There was a civilian police car and the car that collided with the wall of the house.

– The police were more or less present at the scene when the accident occurred.

Earlier on Sunday night, a patrol in Haugesund noticed a car traveling at high speed, then lost sight of it.

– Shortly after they discovered that the car had crashed into a house, operations manager Björn Eden tells VG.

The driver was charged with driving under the influence of drugs.

– When my husband arrived at the scene, the police were taking care of the driver, says Samuelsen.

Haugesund newspaper I mentioned it first.

Damage: Window broken and brick wall smashed.

Samuelsen had a conversation with his daughters after the remarkable experience. The experience also affected my mother.

-It totally shakes when this happens. It sounded like a thunderclap, and the whole house shook.

There is now a large hole in the brick wall of the basement apartment. A nearly 100-year-old Art Nouveau house in the center of Haugesund has been given a real boost.

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Inside, pieces of plaster and glass are scattered. The wall in the basement apartment bulges inward.

Hell in an Accident: The homeowner is happy because no one was sleeping here when the accident happened.

Len Samuelsen spent part of the morning on the phone with the insurance company.

– We cover everything. She says craftsmen will come and look at it tomorrow.

The basement apartment is sometimes rented out to friends of the diving guy.

Fortunately, the place was empty that weekend, Samuelsen says.