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This is why Joe Biden and Jill Biden sat apart at Queen Elizabeth's funeral

This is why Joe Biden and Jill Biden sat apart at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

On Monday, September 19, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth was held, and Many royals and officials from all over the world gathered to finally say goodbye to the Queen.

Then, many people wondered why President Joe Biden, 79, and First Lady Jill Biden, 71, were seated so far during the ceremony, where more than 2,000 people attended.

do not dream: A video clip from Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral has seen the internet boiling. Reporter: Christina H. Cornleusen / Dagbladet TV
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But Americans can now hour Detection of the reason for placement.

The reason for places is simply because of royal protocol.

The protocol states that royal, former and current British prime ministers and leaders of the Commonwealth countries, of which the British monarch remains the supreme leader, must sit first.

So Joe and Jill Biden had to settle for places in the 14th row.

The presidential couple sat behind the President of Poland and in front of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. The President of Switzerland sat next to the First Lady of the United States.

piano bar: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fills his complexion after this visit to a piano bar in London, two days before Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.
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Trump rages

Former US President Donald Trump (76 years old) used the opportunity to ridicule Biden NEWSWEEK.

In a post on his “Truth Social” platform, Trump indicated that he would be put in a prominent position if he was still president.

– This is what happened to America in just two short years. There is no respect! But the time is right for our president to get acquainted with the leaders of some third world countries. If I were president, they wouldn’t put me there.

– gross: A group of Britons speaking to the streets of London, Dagbladet, after Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, are not generous in their criticism of their media.
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But according to protocol, the President of the United States, whoever the time of the Queen’s death, would have been given the same position.

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I got special treatment

Although the seats weren’t the best for the presidential couple, they were given some exceptions to royal protocol.

The protocol prohibited guests from taking private flights to London and using foreign or government vehicles.

farewell: The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II is lowered into St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. Video: Reuters.
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While the rest of the world’s leaders arrived at the funeral together by bus, Biden was given permission to use the president’s armored limousine, also called “The Beast,” which was flown from the United States for the occasion.