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This Lamborghini piece costs at least 10 million - The Observer

This Lamborghini piece costs at least 10 million – The Observer

It should not be easy for Lamborghini, which in the Aventador owns the SVJ Roadster, its most active and emblematic sports car, to explain that despite all efforts to develop a super atmospheric V12 engine and a very efficient chassis, it is available at a price of just €573,000. “Only” in Portugal, which is one of the countries that severely penalize this class of vehicles. However, only a small part of this car displays it and that It’s not even manufactured by the Italian brand, which can be produced in any corner for shopping center, 19 times more than the car.

About the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster Filmed in Monaco, by Youtube PheboxPainted in Pearl White with a black roof and many carbon accessories. Inside, in the center rear position, is the atmospheric, atmospheric 770-hp 6.5 V12 engine, which is paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox that throws you at over 100 km/h after just 2.9 seconds, then hit 350 km / h.

If it comes to powerful mechanics, efficient structure and emotional aesthetic that most customers spend More than half a million euros in Portugal – and about 400,000 euros in countries with a less voracious tax system – the owner of the Aventador, after buying the Italian sports supercar, bought at auction License plate number “123” only.

The license plate in question was issued by Qatar, and it is not known if the three numbers “123” have any special meaning to the owner, or if the owner is having any difficulties with the numbers above. However, the truth is that strange license plate auctions for millionaire values ​​are rife in Arab countries where the elders It has more wealth than that which many European countries generate annually.

This registration costs 17 million (and does not bring a car)

Watch the video showing the Aventador SVJ Roadster with a registration number of 10 million, which appears as soon as 1.00, and if you have time, enjoy some of the most impressive models among those that dot the streets of the Principality of Monaco.