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This legendary band from the 80s is a new confirmation of rock music at Rio Lisbon 2024

This legendary band from the 80s is a new confirmation of rock music at Rio Lisbon 2024

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RiR Lisboa's 20th anniversary celebration just gets better and better! This important band from the 80s joins the rock lineup at Rio Lisbon 2024.

Celebrating b 20 years of event In Portugal it started with radical innovations – Change of location from the usual Parque da Bela Vista to the controversial Tagus Park.

With each passing day, we are getting closer and closer to the big celebration that will be “Rock at Rio Lisbon 2024”. So far, many artists have already been announced, such as Ed Sheeran, Callum Scott, John, Fernando Daniel, Scorpions, Fade, Maximum, Doja Cat, NE U, Camila Cabelloamong many others.

The weekends of June 15/16 and 22/23 just got better and better. However, there is room to bring More international artists. In this sense this Famous 80s band He'll be joining the party at Rock in Rio Lisboa 2024!

It's the final count!

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In this sense Bringer stage It will be bigger than ever and will welcome many famous artists with a focus on one artist in particular.

In a new venue, there will be space for an audience of up to 20,000 people, with about 50 meters at the front (12.50 meters more than in 2022), twice the physical and technical structure installed and 680 metres.two From scenography. Thus, Ghalib Theater offers a full range of improvements that will be reflected in the audience’s experience. You Europe It will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the album that introduced the legendary the final countdown.

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Along with this new confirmation, the poster also includes Hybrid theoryYou Plutothe Carolyn God And the DJ Diego Miranda. These new confirmations join those already confirmed Luke Graham that it Jake Pugh.

There are still tickets!

Rock in Rio Lisbon
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Likewise, we should remember that Weekend tickets valid for both days of the festival (15 and 16 or 22 and 23 June) are worth €147. Daily VIP tickets for those looking for a more exclusive experience cost €360. On the other hand, the Daily tickets It can be purchased for 84 euros.

video | Rock in Rio Lisbon 2024 is closer than ever!

Have you already purchased a ticket?

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