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This “low cost” kit turns your car into a hybrid

This “low cost” kit turns your car into a hybrid

We live in an era of mobility and that is why electric and hybrid cars have emerged. For those of you who have combustion cars, know that there is a kit that can convert your car into a hybrid.

REVR can cost about 3 thousand euros...

Rapid Electric Vehicle Retrofit (REVR) is a new way to convert internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles into hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) that offers significant cost and time savings.

This is achieved through the simplest modernization approach to date. Energy-dense axial-flow axial motors inside each rear wheel of the vehicle.

According to information, the patent for this project is still pending. The project was created by Alexander Burton, an Australian student in Industrial Design and Sustainable Systems Engineering at RMIT University in Melbourne.

According to the information, the cost of this kit can cost about 5,000 Australian dollars (or 3,010 euros) and can be installed in any car. However, there are still legal issues, patents, and possibly additional testing that must be done before it reaches the market.

With the implementation of this kit, cars now have an electric range of up to 100 km. Using REVR led to Burton winning the James Dyson Award, worth €5,300.

Rapid Retrofit for Electric Vehicles (REVR)

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