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This Monday (3) he has a car tour of Fenac for a group with comorbidities - Novo Hamburgo

This Monday (3) he has a car tour of Fenac for a group with comorbidities – Novo Hamburgo

Covid-19 was already vaccinated with a car for a set of comorbidities on Saturday. Traffic was low
Photo: Matheus Chaparini / GES-Especial

Covid-19 vaccination continues today and tomorrow with another set of comorbidities. Vaccines are given in vehicle form, at Fenac, in Novo Hamburgo, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with access via the main entrance, on Avenida Nações Unidas.

People aged 54 to 59 years with comorbidities will receive the first dose against the Coronavirus. In addition to a photo ID and SUS or proof of residency, which is required for all vaccinations, this kit must also carry documentation of comorbidity.


The first dose of AstraZeneca’s immunosuppressant will be applied. On site, it is possible to donate non-perishable food. There will be food collection boxes inside the ward and it is not necessary to get out of the car.

The main groceries needed are rice, pasta, beans, soy oil, wheat, corn flour, sugar, powdered milk, and biscuits.

Today and tomorrow, people from the first group of comorbidities that have been immunized and who were unable to attend on Saturday may also be vaccinated. These are pregnant women and women who have recently given birth, over the age of 18, with some common pathologies; Chronic kidney patients undergoing hemodialysis, older than 18 years; People with permanent disabilities enrolled in BPC benefits between 55 and 59 years of age; People with Down syndrome, who are over the age of 18, as well as people over the age of 60 who haven’t received their first dose yet.

In addition to these groups, people over the age of 60 who have not yet been vaccinated can attend the driving session and have their first dose of immune system.

Associated diseases and documentation

Diseases accompanying the priority group today, and proof required:

Diabete melitus – a medical report or prescription, issued less than a year ago (original and photo). Copies will be preserved.

Acute lung disease – a medical report or prescription issued less than a year ago (original and photo)

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Cardiology – medical report (original and photo)

Chronic kidney patients of grade III or more – medical report (original and copy)

Sickle cell anemia – medical report (original and photo)

Obesity with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more – medical report issued less than six months ago (original and copy)

Immunosuppressants – transplanted, HIV carriers, rheumatism patients with active disease and using corticosteroids, cancer patients undergoing treatment (within six months). This group must submit a medical report or prescription issued less than a year ago (original and copy).

Hypertension for resistant SAH groups, SAH grade 3 and grades 1 and 2 but with target organ damage – medical report or prescription, issued less than a year ago (original and photo).

Demand dropped on Saturday

Searching for my immune system was low on a Saturday drive in Fenac. There were no queues and traffic was less than expected. 167 doses were applied out of 1500 that were transported to the vaccination site.

“When I brought my father, 15 or 20 days ago, there was more movement. We waited about 20 minutes. Today was very quiet. It was fast, there was no line, it was graceful and safe,” says Raphael dos Santos, 41, resident of Santo Afonso . He took his brother, who had Down syndrome.

Sao Leopoldo will vaccinate the teachers

Yesterday, the city of Sao Leopoldo announced that it will start vaccination against COVID-19 for teachers and early childhood education workers with the remaining daily doses.

According to São Leopoldo Mayor Ari Fanazi, the municipality will use the remaining daily doses, those left in open bottles at the end of the day, to start vaccinating education workers, whether they are teachers, administrators or support personnel, such as cleaning and school feeding services for early childhood education.

Vaccination with the remaining doses should begin early this week, in a plan to be organized by the municipal health and education departments.

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Initially, early childhood education professionals from the municipal, secure and private network will be included. These professionals will be vaccinated in a specific and scheduled place directly with the institutions, without changing the daily vaccination calendar for the specified groups.


On the evening of the first Saturday, the Municipal Guard (GM) was inspected in Novo Hamburg, in partnership with the Military Brigade (BM), Civilian Police (PC) and Military Fire Brigade (CBM), across the neighborhoods of the city. He led the joint action and dispersed more than 400 people who were crowded on public roads, bars, homes and nightclub.

Only at the ceremony in Rua Lopez, near the central district of the municipality, were more than 100 people arrested in the conglomerate.
In addition to the numbers last Friday, 30, when around 120 people were dispersed in bars and homes, more than 520 people were arrested in gatherings on those two days.

The integrated process is a reality within the Covid Supervisory Committee’s actions and is mobilizing dealerships from GM, PC, BM and CBM.

Follow the flu shot in health leaflets

In addition to the vaccination against Covid-19, vaccination against the H1N1 influenza virus continues, in health units in Novo Hamburgo. In this phase of the campaign, health workers, children from six months to six years of age, pregnant women and women who have recently given birth (women up to 45 days after birth) are vaccinated. No appointment required.

On Saturday (1), there was a car in the parking lot at Centro Administrativo Leopoldo Petry. Traffic was low and there were no queues.

The action was with the participation of the Army’s 18th Mechanized Infantry Battalion, based in Sapukaya do Sul, which set up a structure with tents for fortification.

“The idea is to reach the largest number of immunized people within the municipality. The campaign started on April 12th. The idea is to provide all vaccinations in the core network for these priority groups,” said the director of health at the municipality’s health secretariat. Pierre Bronze.

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Driving through Dia 15

Next Saturday, there is no expectation of the car through the cars against the flu in Novo Hamburgo. In the following weeks, vaccination procedures are followed on Saturdays, with the car being driven in the parking lot of the administrative center, on May 15, 22, 29 and June 5.

Next stages

The next phase of the flu vaccination is due to start on May 11, when it will be open to seniors 60 years or older and teachers.

Then, as of June 9, comes the turn of patients with comorbidities, those with permanent disabilities, truck drivers, public transport workers, port workers, members of the security and rescue forces, the armed forces, employees of the deprivation of liberty system, the population deprived of freedom, adolescents and youth Social and educational measures.


Here’s where to get the flu shot:

Canodos Health Basic Unit

Koons Health Core Unit

Liberdade Core Health Unit

Primavera Basic Health Unit

Rinkau Primary Health Unit

Santo Afonso basic health unit

Family Health Unit in Boa Said

Getúlio Vargas Family Health Unit

Guarani Family Health Unit

Iguaçu Family Health Unit

Kephas Family Health Unit

Kramer Family Health Unit

Grove Family Health Unit

Liberdade Family Health Unit

Lumba Grande Family Health Unit

Morada dos Eucaliptos Family Health Unit

Mundo Novo Family Health Unit

Palmyra Family Health Unit

Family Health Unit in Petropolis

Replacing the family health unit

Rondonia Family Health Unit

Roselândia Family Health Unit

Sao Jorge Family Health Unit

Pollen house

To check the full list of health centers administering influenza vaccinations in Novo Hamburg, with addresses, phone numbers and hours, access the link: or use the QR code below:

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