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This moose became famous in Alaska: – All I see is money

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Light fur: This elk has been getting a lot of attention in Alaska.

Several authorities have asked not to disclose where the moose were found.


Last week, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game posted a photo to Facebook of several moose out for a walk.

As you may see in the photo above, one moose is somewhat different from the rest.

According to the department, moose have a leucorrhea. This is a genetic mutation that leads to a lack of pigments in the skin and hair, and in this case the coat.

This consequently results in a lighter coat compared to the “normal” moose.

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On one side of the road, there was a moose cow, and on the other side were two almost newborn white moose calves.

Fear of hunting

The post was shared in full on social media. More than 5,000 people shared it, while almost 500 commented.

Many are urging management not to share the location where the photo was taken, for fear of moose being caught.

“There must be a lot of itching trigger fingers out there! Please do not submit the site.”Someone writes.

“Impressive. Hope he stays safe.”writes another.

At the same time, many people ask where the photo was taken:

“This is hard to believe, I would like to see it myself. Where is this? The coordinates would be great.”

“All I see is money” writes another.

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Wildlife experts have warned that the moose’s glossy fur could put it in even greater danger. Both hunters and predators.

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Elk Albin was shot dead by a hunting party

The entire Norwegian population of Alpine was killed. Written by Danish!

Albin, shot by a Danish

We’ve also seen similar moose here in Norway. Mainly, there was talk of albinos, that is, a completely white moose.

In 2006, the albinos moose became well known throughout the country. And the elk went by the name “Albin,” and got hit Dane on the hunt.

Alpine was never protected, but hunting parties in the area agreed not to shoot moose. Hunt leader Sigmund Lereim apologized for the incident at the time.

– We agreed in the hunting party that Albin is protected, but unfortunately we were not clear enough about this for our Danish friend. He maintains that it is perfectly legal to shoot moose.

– But we are not very happy, so to speak.

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