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This other low-cost operator has the cheapest mobile internet in Portugal

This other low-cost operator has the cheapest mobile internet in Portugal

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There are more and more tariff offers and this is good news. However, do you know which operator has the cheapest mobile internet?

In the near future, Digi will arrive in Portugal, an operator of Romanian origin that promises to revolutionize the telecommunications market thanks to its affordable prices. However, at the moment, the prices and available plans are not yet known. As such, let's just focus on what is already in place on national territory!

In addition to the main one playersAlso known as weMio W VodafoneMore and more alternatives have emerged that respond to the real needs of consumers. Operators like Wow The Amigos, for example, are relatively new but have managed to win over the Portuguese. This is mainly due to cheap prices and attractive tariffs. However, there is something else unknown, which provides even better conditions! To get to know her!

This is the cheapest mobile operator in Portugal

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And so on, Operator or worker Which offers the most affordable values ​​regarding mobile phone tariff (Internet + Voice) is Leica Mobile. common roof in Five gigs Monthly and 500 minutes For calls only 8 eurosHe is the biggest winner! At the lowest level are WOO and Amigo, which display Four gigs vs 10 euros Month. It is worth highlighting this now We have a plan One gigabyte for every 7.5 euros (5 euros During the first 12 months).

When we raise the level of mobile data available to customers, Lyca Mobile comes out the winner again. This is because it offers 20 gigs for every… 10 euros! For the same price, WOO and Amigo offer half: 10 gigs. However, it should be noted that in the first case, an upgrade is in effect six months Where customers get an additional 5 GB (total 25 Month). In the case of the latter two, it is provided 50 gigs for along way Three months. After this period, all three return to “normal” data.

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